11 Days in the Midwest

Today, I leave for an 11-day trip focusing mainly on the Great Lakes area. I normally prefer “independent” trips where I can set the schedule but trying to duplicate this escorted motorcoach trip would have been difficult, especially for this year.  I’ve never been to any of the destinations, so everything will be “new.”

First stop is Nashville, where we’re staying at the Opryland Hotel. But it’s just for a night on the way to the Midwest.


Then it’s on to the French Lick Resort in southern Indiana. (If you remember basketball star Larry Byrd, French Lick is his hometown.) Two historic hotels, which became popular in the 1800’s for the area’s mineral water springs are now one property.


There’s  two nights in Dubuque, Iowa for a full day fall foliage cruise on the Mississippi on a paddle wheeler.


After that, there’s two nights in Chicago, including a cruse, and dinner at the Weber Grill. After Milwaukee and Wisconsin, we head to Makinac Island, which has no cars, and its Grand Hotel. Dinner at the hotel is “coat and tie.”




Then, it’s on to Port Clinton, Ohio for a Lake Erie cruise. We make our way back home with an overnight in the Smokey Mountains with dinner and a show. Before arriving home, we have lunch at the Dillar House in Georgia, famous for it’s “family style meals” with bowls and bowls of food.


Photos of the trip after I return.


What say you?

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