Art, Adobo and Alligators

With summer winding down and college students flooding back into town, it was a good weekend to relax in a secluded location. Fortunately, we didn’t have to go far because Cheryl has a “cottage” on Lake Talquin and we can get there in about 40 minutes. There are alligators in the lake and she has seen one make its rounds but not this weekend, although we didn’t spend much time by the water.


Lake Talquin from the cottage garden


Sitting room with view to the lake

After arriving late Friday afternoon, we indulged in a “cocktail hour” of about three hours. We started off with a delightful Redd’s Blueberry pale ale which I’ll be sure to buy for myself. Then we moved on to a white wine she had that I’d not heard of before and that I don’t recall. We were both pleasantly surprised by a “semi-dry” Moscato called Macaw from Brazil that I stumbled upon at Whole Foods. I’m buying more of it!


Blueberry pale ale, chips and spicy guacamole


At about 9 PM, I cooked my acclaimed chicken adobo after letting it marinate for about three hours. This is the second time Cheryl’s had my adobo and she’s become quite the fan.


Simmer in 50-50 soy sauce & vinegar mixture with minced garlic & crushed peppercorns.  Then serve with rice with the sauce poured over it. (Marinate in the sauce first if you can.)

Saturday, we headed into nearby Quincy. The Gadsden Arts Center (whose executive director lives a few houses down from me in Tallahassee) had a special exhibit of art from local private collectors. There was a Dali, my favorite artist, and a Chegall, who Cheryl also liked. What I enjoyed most was a wood carving by a nearby Georgia artist who had been a tree surgeon but was injured on the job and then became an artist.


Another  favorite was a glass work by Chihully. There’s a permanent Chihuly glass exhibit in St. Petersburg that’s on my list, along with the new Dali Museum. Maybe in November….


Chihuly glass art

This work is made up from a drop cloth which the artist painted randomly, cut into strips, rolled up, and then placed on the frame.


Cheryl and I both would buy this if it were for sale. (At a “reasonable” price, of course.)


Next weekend is Labor Day weekend but the plan is for that to be a relaxing one too.


What say you?

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