A Triple Evening: BBQ, Brews, and Blues

Last night was a special evening which brought together three favorites in one venue: food, beer and music. I attended “BBQ, Brews and Blues” at Florida State’s University Center Club. For $25, I enjoyed a BBQ buffet, beer samples and a live blues band.

The buffet was just OK. It’s hard to have top notch entrees when you’re having to cook a lot of food in advance. The BBQ entrees included ribs, chicken, pulled pork and beef brisket with various sauces to select from, such as traditional and mustard.Besides BBQ, there was hot dogs and burgers.


Beef brisket, pulled pork, and spare rib with mustard sauce and beer sample.

There was also a large salad bar and various sides such as corn on the cob, Yukon potatoes, cole slaw, etc. Everything you’d expect at  BBQ and more.


Dessert is my favorite part of dinner and there were some fine desserts there. I could not turn down a chocolate mousse and passed on a honey mousse.


Dessert table


Turtle cheesecake, fig or date bar, chocolate mousse

Then there was the beer. A number of distributors were there and we were allowed five samples of about 2-3 ounces each. Apparently, they did not sell as many tickets as they planned and so the hosts were walking around passing out extra beer sample tickets.

My favorite beer was a newly released craft from Harpoon called Camp Wannamango. Local micro brewery Proof has a Mango Wit which is full bodied but Harpoon’s is a lighter, smoother brew with a delicate mango finish. But it is so new that it hasn’t made it into the local stores just yet. I also sampled Harpoon’s Summertime Citra Ale but it did not impress me. (A new mirco brewery named Deep Brewing has opened and I’ve become a fan of their Coffee Stout, which tastes like a strong dark roast with almost no alcoholic “bite.”)


Throughout the evening there was a live blues band for our enjoyment.


Thursday is a gourmet dinner benefit for the Lemoyne Center. I’ll report on that next Sunday!




What say you?

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