Eat, Drink, and Be Merry

It’s a delicate balance being a foodie while also striving to eat in healthier way. And Saturday put that balancing act to the test because I was participating in three events in one day.

In the morning, about 14 of us met for breakfast. There were many wonderful selections but I showed restraint and ordered one egg with hash browns, and whole wheat toast. My eyes  wanted something more like what the person next to me had:


No sooner had breakfast been somewhat digested and it was time for lunch. I hadn’t planned to go but the organizer was called in to work and so I agreed to step in as guest host. The lunch was for dim sum at a Japanese and Chinese place called Azu.

Now I’ve had dim sum in Hong Kong and San Francisco Chinatown.  Azu’s dim sum was not “traditional” quantity, which is typically two or three small pieces. Their dumplings were eight or 10 pieces, for example. So seven of us joined to order seven different items and shared. We had (clockwise from top in photo below) three types of dumplings, steamed sliced pork, tofu, not sure what that is and calamari It was all adequate but the calamari was overcooked, which is not unusual. (The best calamari I’ve had is whole baby calamari in Spain.)


Some folks went with bento boxes, which was a lot of food for about $11.


And of course if you’re in a Japanese restaurant, there’s sushi.


Lunch wrapped up about 2:30 and then it was straight to the soft opening of our newest micro-brewery: Deep Brewing. The name and logos come from the fact that the owner is a scuba diver.

I don’t like beer because of its often “hoppy” taste. So I selected.. coffee. Actually, a Coffee Stout made with coffee from local roaster Lucky Goat. If you didn’t know it was beer, you’d think you are drinking a strong coffee. No “beer” taste.


Sunday is a day of rest and so I’m doing that. Monday, it’s a Chinese-Indonesian lunch buffet and then dinner at a place named after an Egyptian queen but with an eclectic menu which includes, Chinese, Thai, and “southern” entrees.

Tuesday, it’s Happy Hour at Carrabba’s, where  all appetizers are half-price and so are all drinks except for a handful of “specialty” cocktails. My “healthier” choices in appetizers are the Prince Edward Island (top of the line) mussels in white wine lemon butter sauce and shrimp scampi. Those two and a Peroni (draught, not bottle) are about $12 during Happy Hour.


Carrabba’s PEI mussels in white wine lemon butter sauce

Stay hungry and thirsty my friends… I’m not going to Mars! (For non-US readers, the long time spokesman in Dos Equis commercials is being sent to Mars.)



What say you?

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