If It’s Gotta Be A Pizza Chain, It’s Gotta Ber Blaze

Recently, Blaze Pizza (based in Pasadena, California) opened two locations in Tallahassee. Since I’m not much of a pizza fan, I made no effort to check them out. Besides, when I do want pizza, I prefer one of two local places.( Usually, it’s Momo’s, whose slogan is “slices as big as your head” and which offers a 32-inch pizza if your group is really hungry.)

But, I rarely say “no” to “free” either. So when Blaze mailed me a “free pizza” offer, I decided to check it out. I immediately noticed two big differences between Blaze and the other pizza palaces.

First, Blaze only offers one size. It’s called a “personal” pizza but at 10 inches and six slices it can (and should) feed two unless you want to take some home or want to join a certain segment of society that Americans seem to be “first” in throughout the world.

Second, Blaze offers 4o toppings, many of which I’ve not seen anywhere else. And, you can pile on as many toppings as you want for no extra charge beyond the $7.95. Unless you want the option of a deep dish pizza rather than the standard thin crust. Deep dish will add $2 to the price.

I went with a garlic pesto sauce instead of a tomato or white sauce. That certainly added a nice flavor to the pizza. For meat toppings, I selected pepperoni, salami, and sausage. The veggie toppings were mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, red onions, roasted red peppers and…more garlic in the form of roasted garlic.

The verdict: I’ll be back. As with some of the newer hamburger chains, such as Smashburger, I like the “build your own” option. (This option is also available at my preferred pho bar.)


Blaze Pizza is not yet as widespread as the other chains. They have only  10 locations in Florida and only one location (Sarasota) in the huge Tampa Bay area.

You can use this map on their website to see if Blaze is in your city:




What say you?

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