Not Again….

The worst part about being in my 60’s is the regular news that someone I know personally has died young, often younger than me. The second worst is reading that the musicians of my era are also dying, some young and some not so young.

This week, of course, it was Prince, who is seven years younger than me. I still remember how “electrifying” his music was when I first heard it. Hits like 1999, Red Corvette, and When Doves Cry. And his stage presence was equally invigorating. Here was an 80’s artist a 60’s fan like me could appreciate.

In January, it was David Bowie, who was four years older than me and from my era. As with [prince, I never did have a chance to see him perform live. Now I will never will.

In December 2014, it was Joe Cocker, another great from my era. Fortunately, I saw him in concert at the Hard Rock Hotel’s “Joint” in Las Vegas. It is a fairly small venue and provides a much better, more intimate environment than a “stadium” concert. That is still one of the top concerts I’ve seen.

Before Prince died,  I had bought tickets to see Boz Scaggs perform here in Tallahassee at a 3,500-seat amphitheater. Although it rained all day, the rain let up about 6;30 and the skies cleared. So by the time the concert began under a full moon, it was a wonderful evening to be outdoors. I don’t think anyone in audience was under 50. At the end of the first of two encores, Boz performed a wonderful tribute to Prince with an old blues song.

Since I began with Prince, I’ll end with Prince. His performance with an ensemble of top artists in this video of them playing “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” during a 2004 tribute to George Harrison is magnificent.


What say you?

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