Deer Me, It’s Easter

The original plan was to spend Easter in Panama City Beach. This assumed a fine, sunny Spring weekend. Unfortunately, by Thursday it was obvious the weather would not cooperate. The rain probability for Sunday was almost 100%  and it rained most of the weekend and pretty much all day on Easter.

Fortunately, there was a backup. My friend Robin had been given a side of deer ribs a few months ago while visiting family in Louisiana. Those ribs were in the freezer awaiting an opportune time. A cancelled trip to the coast was the opportune time. We spent Saturday afternoon preparing the main course.

After looking up a recipe on the Internet, we ventured into new culinary territory. The first task at hand was to cut up the meat into appropriate cooking sizes. We ended up with “ribs” and “steaks.” It took a good two hours to do that, including trimming fat and skin. It was a workout!


All that meat took up two large “cooking bags” in which a marinade including kumquat was used to moisten the meat. Apparently, citrus is important to cooking venison. The meat was roasted for five hours. While the meat cooked, we prepared sides: salad, green bean casserole.

It’s been said that “all work and no play makes for a dull day” so the evening was spent on some “play.” So we caught a local zydeco band concert at a blues club. The concert began at 10 PM and ended at 1 AM. A long day…


Sunday, we enjoyed a very non-traditional Easter dinner main course.



Maybe next Easter will be on the coast!


What say you?

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