100 Bottles of Beer on the Wall (Redux)

Yesterday, I attended a  beer tasting hosted by one of the foodies who brews beer at home. Although I’m not much of a beer drinker, I had previously attended a tasting he hosted a few months ago and was impressed by his “coffee beer” as well as a few other “gourmet” beers brought by the group. And, there’s always some good munchies at the tasting.

And as expected, I was not disappointed. Our host topped last tasting’s coffee beer with a “peanut butter beer.” I know it doesn’t sound too appealing but it was acclaimed by all as the beer of the tasting.

The format of these tasting is very straightforward. The host provides about three beers he brews and each guest brings one or two bottles of two or three “gourmet” beers for sampling (one swallow). This is a way to find a beer we like but might not otherwise discover on our own. Besides the peanut butter beer, I enjoyed a German Rauchbier which has a distinctive “smokey” flavor. A “cranberry ginger shandy” was also very good, although I still have no idea what a “shandy” is. But if it tastes good….


The “Rauchbier” is second from left; the “shandy” is fourth from left.

We also bring some sort of “munchie.” The munchies included chili and a platter of salami, two cheeses and olives.


As the crowd thinned out, the die hards decided to play cards for amusement. We began with “Crazy Eights” but no one had the cerebral concentration for that so we fell backon a basic: War. Even then, most of us needed a refresher on how to play. Since the game is purely luck, I was of course the first one out.

The original plan was to visit Sin, one of the top three dessert bars, but we were so full from the beer and munchies that sinning would have to be postponed to another evening.

I’ve been thinking of hosting a “dessert and coffee” event, so…


Don’t you want to Sin?


What say you?

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