Who Moved My Visitor Map?

For many years, I had a visitor map along the right side of my blog which tracked which countries my readers came from. Clicking on the small map brought you to a larger map which listed the countries in order of number of visitors and the number of visitors from that country.

It was no surprise that the U.S. was the source of most of my readers. And no surprise that the Philippines, where I grew up and still have many friends, was the second source of many visitors. I was surprised that Romania was in the top ten. Yes, Romania.

But when I looked at the map for the first time in I don’t remember how long, I was shocked to see that it had “reset” to January 2016. The history of all those previous years had vanished. Oh noooooo…!

Before contacting technical support of the third party map provider (ClustrMap), I did a Google search. (Who knows what evils lurks in the heart of the Internet? Google knows!)

The first clue suggested that over a year ago one of the servers keeping the visitor information failed. Attempts to fix it failed, and lots of data was lost. How did you know whether your data was affected? The server number is in the code: “www4” was the affected server. But since my map’s code used “www2” then server failure was not my problem.

Further research suggested the culprit was….Wordpress itself. Apparently, when WordPress moved to the secure “https:” format, the “s” led to the map provider no longer recognizing the URL since there was an extra letter in it.

So then I went to ClustrMap website to see what I could learn. But it wasn’t much. Possibly, there has been some data migration which will become available in 30 days. Or not. I’ll have to wait and see.

Otherwise, I’ll have to start from scratch, as they say. All those years of reader location lost.

We’re always told about the importance of backing data up. But possibly ClustrMap didn’t do that. All I want for next Christmas is my reader data back.


One response to “Who Moved My Visitor Map?

  1. Frustrating! Since I’ve moved blog locations several times, I guess I haven’t become too attached to many of my extras. And I never had a visitor map. But I can understand how you feel! I hope they are able to resolve the problem and restore your history.

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