Roll, Baby, Roll

Growing up In Manila, I bowled regularly at the Elks Club and still recall that my average was about 160 by the time I graduated high school in 1970. In the US, I didn’t bowl until 1980 when I was in grad school and needed one credit to meet the minimum required for “full time” status and so I chose a bowling class. Can’t remember anything about that class.

And that was the last time I remember bowling…until a few days ago. Even after 35 years, I was confident that the skill was still there. Was it sheer luck that the first ball I rolled was… a strike! Probably… 😉


Although I did win that game, my score was under 120. And, age seemed to catch up with me because I was feeling winded during the second game.

That second game was a thriller. I trailed by just two or three points most of the game. And despite a short-lived resurgence in the final frames, I could not overcome two back to back spares. And I wasn’t even taking advantage of “2 for $1 jello shots”….

Round one ends in a draw.





One response to “Roll, Baby, Roll

  1. Bowling is a fickle game! Even as much as I bowl, there are times I’ve barely broken a hundred. Then I’ll go weeks with mediocre scores and then suddenly bowl in the 200 range.

    Sounds like you had fun anyway, and that’s what it’s really all about! 🙂

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