When Seven Years Isn’t…

My car battery died last week.  Checking my vehicle maintenance log revealed that I had bought this “seven year” battery five years ago. Hmmm…

No big deal I figured. I’d get the remaining months prora5ted against a new battery. But when I called the auto parts store I thought I had bought the battery at, I heard a different story.

First, they no longer carry a “seven year” battery. Second, depending on what my warranty language is, there may not be a proration. The batteries they sell now are for no longer than five years. There’s a free replacement if the battery fails within three years. But no proration for the last two years. So, a “five year” battery is only warrantied for three years.

The good news was that after checking their database, they determined I had not bought my battery from them. Turns out I had bought the battery from a competitor. And they did prorate the battery’s original cost for the remaining years and credited it towards a new battery.

But they longer carry a seven year battery either. So I ended up with a “five year” battery. There’s a free replacement if it fails within the first three years and then proration if it fails within the last two years.

So when you’re looking for a new battery, consider that some stores will prorate in the final years while others give you nothing when a “five year” battery fails within the last two years. That’s deceptive advertising if you ask me.

The “no proration” store is Advanced Auto Parts. The “proration” store is Auto Zone. Caveat emptor…



One response to “When Seven Years Isn’t…

  1. I wish I could say that I’m surprised that a 7-year or 5-year battery isn’t expected to last as long as the advertising would imply. Just drives home the point that it’s up to us as consumers to do our homework when making any important purchase.

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