My Friends Went Out West… (Absolute Final)

I’m back from three weeks out west. Before I left and began posting about my travels, I had been posting photos from my college friends’ driving trip to Colorado and  Utah parks. These are the final photos received after I left on my trip.

South of Arches National Park is Newspaper Rock, which features petrogylphs made by Native Americans.


Further south is Monument Valley, whose spectacular scenery has been the setting for many western films. This is looking towards the valley.


And this is what has often been featured in those western films… The Mittens. It is difficult to understand the size of these formations without anything, such as a vehicle, in the photo for perspective.


Betatakin is within the Navajo National Monument.


Springdale, adjacent to Zion National Park, was my friends’ destination since that is where they are moving to in about two years. These are the mountains in the area.


One of the most popular hikes in Zion is the Narrows, named for the way the canyon wall become so narrow during the hike that only one person can pass. Depending on time of year and depth of the water, the hike can require water repellant footwear and even pants.


Another hike in Zion is the Watchman Trail.

watchman trail

In the Philippines, I came to like lychee. I always assumed it did not grow in the U.S. So I was surprised when my friends found lychee growing in the area.



What say you?

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