My College Friends Went Out West and… (Final))

For the last two weeks, I’ve posted “photos of the day” which my friends have been sending from their trip west. This is the final installment of those photos, which are from the national parks southern Utah, my favorite. I’ve been to all these same parks on two different trips and so have similar photos but they went on a few hikes I did not.

Natural Bridges is a small park with three “natural bridges” created by erosion of rock in the center of a large rock which leaves only a narrow “bridge” between the two larger ends.

Owachomo Natural Bridge

Owachomo Natural Bridge

This is the overlook.
Nat Brid Overlook

North of Natural bridges is Canyonlands.  Many areas of this park are very rugged and can be accessed only by special vehicles.



These “mushrooms are in the “Needles” portion of Canyonlands.
can mushrooms

Grand View Point is located in the “Islands in the Sky” portion of the park.

Can Grand View

Green River overlook is where is the Green and Colorado rivers come together.

Can- GreenNorth of Canyonlands, near Moab, is my favorite of all the southern Utah parks – Arches. This park contains many rock formations which have developed arches from uneven erosion. In time, the erosion will cause the arch to collapse, so see them while you can.

The “crown jewel” of Arches is Delicate Arch. it is a three mile hike one way and you shouldn’t be afraid of heights. This is “slip rock” area and there’s nothing to hold onto.

This is my photo of the slip rock trail to Delicate Arch:


But the hike ends with a spectacular view of Delicate Arch.

arch del arch

Another hike, which I did not take but plan to on my next visit, is to Double O arch, which includes hiking through “fins.”

can fin

You’ll also see the Devil’s Garden:

arch devilThe seven mile (one way) trail ends with the Double O Arch:

Double O Arch

Tuesday, I fly to Las Vegas for three weeks in the West. It’s a week in Vegas for a reunion of my Manila high school friends from the classes of 1970-79.

Then, I’m driving to San Diego for the 45th  graduation anniversary of my class (Class of 1970).  I’ll revisit Death Valley and also, for the first time, Joshua Tree National Park. Then, it’s a week in San Francisco hanging out with even more high school friends who couldn’t make the other other two reunions.

Since the reunions will include Sundays, the timing of my posts during this period will change from Sunday to Monday.


What say you?

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