My College Friends Went Out West and…

…instead of buying me a T-shirt, they’ve been e-mailing one photo a day. Which is a lot better than a T-shirt!

I’ve known Tom and Sue since the 70’s, when we were in college. They recently retired and last year they bought land in Springdale, Utah, home to Zion National Park.

About a week ago, they drove their motor home from Jacksonville (Florida) to Springdale to begin the process for building their retirement home.  Although they’ve sent photos of each day of their trip, the best ones are from the west, especially Colorado. Since I love traveling the west, I’m sharing some of the top photos.

Palo Dulo Canyon is Texas’ version of the Grand Canyon. It is 120 miles long and 800 feet deep. Here’s the view from the visitor center.

Palo Duro Canyon overlook

Palo Duro Canyon overlook

In Clayton, New Mexico, they came across some dinosaur tracks.

dino trax Clayton NM
While hiking near the continental divide, they saw this rainbow:

cont divide rainbow

The only part of Colorado I’ve been to is the southwestern corner, where the impressive Mesa Verde cliff dwelling ruins area. So I’ve no idea where Gunnison is, but it sure is scenic.


This is Bear Lake, in Rocky Mountains National Park, one of the few large parks in the west I’ve not been to…yet.Bear Lake

Finally, here’s a scenic overlook from the park:

RMNP overlook

My cravings for the west will soon be somewhat satisfied.  I’ll be in Las Vegas, San Diego and San Francisco for three weeks next month. Although this is more of  an “urban” trip for reunions of my Manila high school friends from Classes of the 70s (Vegas), my class’ 45th graduation anniversary (San Diego) and everyone else (San Francisco), there’ll be some outdoor time.

I’m driving from Vegas to San Diego. There’ll be some hikes in Death Valley (which I’ve been to many times), the desert between Vegas and San Diego (which I’ve not driven before), and also a first time visit to Joshua Tree National Monument. And I now have the $10 lifetime senior parks pass which gets me and everyone in the vehicle into most federal recreation areas free.

The west…you know you want some!




One response to “My College Friends Went Out West and…

  1. You can always have T-shirts made out of the pictures! The photos are great!

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