Eat, Drink and Be Merry…

It’s been a weekend of culinary indulgence….

Friday, I drove 45 minutes to the coast for dinner on the water in the adjacent county. Although I prefer salmon or trout, this restaurant served only “local’ fish and so I enjoyed a whole, broiled catfish. My companion had fried oysters. I only like raw oysters (with hot sauce), but the conventional wisdom is that you don’t eat raw oysters in summer doe to the possibility of contamination by a virus.


Saturday’s dinner was at Ted Turner’s Montana Grill, which has many bison items, including bison chili and bison burgers. I had bison pot roast, which was a poor decision since the preparation made the bison taste like beef and the portion was small. I shoulda had the pecan-encrusted trout, which was very large. Next time….

tedsAfter two and a half hours laughing throughout the 80’s rock musical comedy “Rock of Ages” at the community theater,  it was a decadent dessert of dark chocolate brownie in ice cream and fudge sauce at Friday’s.  I took two and a half hours to finish it off since it was cool enough at 10:30 PM to dine al fresco.

teds2Sunday afternoon, it was a Beer Fest at Whole Foods, where we enjoyed free samples of some 30 beers. I bought some French-made organic apple cider in 750 ml “wine” bottles. I bought six bottles since that brought a 20% discount. Beer is good with sausage so I indulged in a brat.



3 responses to “Eat, Drink and Be Merry…

  1. looks like Angelos which is one of my favorites. Or it could be Sprin Thing is that the mullet is so sweet along the wakulla and Taylor County coast I just can’t resist having it when I’m up there.

  2. Spring Creek is a fav of ours. But like I say the mullet in the Wakulla Taylor County waters is so good I have a hard time diversifying my pallet. I grew up on Boggy Bayou where they have the annual Mullet Festival that draws hundreds of thousands. Mullet was and is a staple there of natives.

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