Seven years Of Blogging On WordPress

Today is August 2, 2015. My first WordPress post appeared on August 2, 2008. Seven years and 366 posts later, I’m still here. Somewhat to my amazement…

I began blogging on my local newspaper’s website but blogging there had all sorts of issues, including some nasty trolls. So I began looking for a new home and after checking out many sites I decided WordPress had the most to offer. Three bloggers from the local newspaper who I had become acquainted with came to WordPress with me. One of them dubbed us “The Gang of Four.” I am the only one still blogging regularly. One of the four died very recently.

While I’m not certain of this, I think the urge to blog comes from when I was in college and was on the newspaper staff. I began as a columnist in my sophomore year, calling myself “Gadfly.” As a junior, I was the Editor of Editorials and also principal editorial writer while still keeping my column. And as a senior, I was Editor-in-Chief, principal editorial writer and changed my column title to “From the Editor” It was weekly paper, so I became used to writing weekly.

Many blogs have a “theme”, such as cooking or travel. I do not have a theme because I want flexibility to write about anything. Especially since I post weekly. I;m not sure I could come up with something to write about weekly if I focused on a single theme.

My favorite categories over these seven years have been travel (64 posts), food (54 posts), and entertainment (47 posts). And those are my favorite activities too!

OK, let’s eat! The traditional Filipino “celebration” food is a spit-roasted pig called “lechon”:

But let’s enjoy some “sides” too, such as “pansit’ (noodles),  “lumpia” (egg rolls with thinner skin), and other entrees…

And of course the best part of any feast is…dessert! And that means various sweet rice cakes.

All this is so “sarap” (delicious) and you will end up very “busog” (stuffed).

See you next week!



One response to “Seven years Of Blogging On WordPress

  1. I chose the gang of four after the Sherlock Holmes The Sign of Four story. We were a most unlikely group of different thinking folks and it was fun.

    I miss fakename2.

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