Restaurant Review: Grub Burger Bar

I don’t normally post restaurant reviews but I’m making an exception for a new one that selected Tallahassee as its first Florida location and has locations in only six states. But I think you’ll be hearing more about it.

“It” is Grub Burger Bar. The “Grub” portion is an acronym for “Good people, Real food, Unique vibe and Big flavor.” And the “bar” portion is there because it sports a full bar. Beer, wine and hard liquor.

Most burger places are not large. Our Grub Burger Bar is as large as any restaurant.

I’m not fond of beer and usually drink hard cider, which they had on tap. But I tasted a Mango Whit and went with it instead. This was a smooth “beer” the color of mango and none of the sharp after taste typical of beer.

During Happy Hour, there are both liquor and food specials. The best deal is their “luau fries.” They are skinny fries topped with braised pulled pork, monterey jack and cheddar cheeses, grilled pineapple, jalapenos, and terriyaki and barbeque sauces. Large enough for a meal for one and appetizer for up to four. Regularly $8.50 but just $4 during Happy Hour.

There are nine beef burgers, all priced around eight dollars except for one “basic’ burger at six dollars. There are also five non-beef burgers, including veggie and salmon. And traditional shakes, craft shakes and alcoholic shakes. Sixteen beers on tap and only eight in a bottle. Wine lovers can choose between four whites, four reds and a rose.

My visit was with a “foodie” group of about sixteen and everyone loved it. We’ll be back…

You can check their locations and menu at:

Mango Whit is at front right

Mango Whit is at front right


4 responses to “Restaurant Review: Grub Burger Bar

  1. hi there, how are things? great to see a photo in this entry. anyway, $8 is quite cheap for your mouth-watering description of the burger. you did a good job, maybe you have to post more food entries.

  2. i’ll have to try Grub burgers this fall.

    Have you been to Red Robin yet? It’s a long time favorite of ours. One finally opened in Tallahassee much to the delight of my sons.

    • No Red Robin yet PT. I’m too much of a fan of Smash Burger and Grub. Plus, endless fries is very! (for some reason, I didn’t get an e-mail about your comment.)

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