We Fought The Pizza And The Pizza Won

Friday night, I went out for pizza with my foodie group friends. The best pizza in town is a local place called Momo’s whose slogan is “slices as big as your head.” And they’re not exaggerating too much.

Since there were seven of us, we decided to share one large pizza. How large? It was 30-inches across.

Of course, seven folks have different tastes. Three of us wanted white pizza. Even with white pizza, there was the “pesto” or “traditional” issue. The other four had many more issues.

It seemed like the negotiations dragged on as long as those about the table at the Viet Nam War peace discussions (if you remember that far back). But finally, we arrived at a decision. The pizza would be divided into four sections, including a white traditional and a white pesto. Also, that round pizza would somehow be sliced into squares rather than slices so there’d be more, smaller pieces that everyone could sample.

As often happens, our imaginations were much larger than our appetites. There was a quite a bit of leftover. Including a hard cider, my share for all the pizza I could handle plus some take home was just $10. But next time, I’ll probably just order a slice so we eat faster.momo2

This photo shows how much was leftover.


What say you?

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