Visit The Big Country

There are a lot of deals for seniors in the US but in my opinion the absolute best deal has got to be the inter agency lifetime senior pass. The pass, available to anyone who is at least 62, allows holders to enter any recreational area managed by five agencies, including the National Parks Service, Fish and Wildlife, Department of Interior and two others.

The cost for this pass is a one time payment of $10. And, the pass covers everyone in the vehicle even if they are not seniors. The cost to enter Yellowstone in a non-commercial vehicle is $25, so just visiting that park immediately pays for the pass and saves you $15.

I’ve visited every major national park in the west and many smaller ones as well. I plan to visit them more now that I‘m retired. So, I bought a senior pass.


When you visit the wide open areas of the west you realize what a big country it is. Here are selected photos of national parks from my trips.

Cliff dwellings - Bandelier Nat'l Monumnet

Cliff dwellings – Bandelier Nat’l Monument (New Mexico)


Capital Reef Nat’l Park (Utah)

Sheep Rock, Arches NP (Utah)

Sheep Rock, Arches NP (Utah)

Cliff Palace, Mesa Verde NP (Colorado)

Cliff Palace ruins, Mesa Verde NP (Colorado)

Peekaboo Trail, Bryce Canyon NP, Utah

Peekaboo Trail, Bryce Canyon NP, Utah

Gran Teton NP, Wyoming

Grand Teton NP, Wyoming

I’m looking forward to visiting the Big County!


One response to “Visit The Big Country

  1. Yeah, I agree. We bought that some time back. It’s a no brainer. The music from The Big Country reminds me that it is one of my all time favorite films. Fantastic cast and directed by William Wyler. On location! If you haven’t seen it you have a treat ahead.

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