A Kalamansi Tree Grows In Tallahassee

Spring has arrived and I’ve joined the many folks who are planting something. After reading some posts on Facebook, I went “native” and bought a kalamansi bush (which is called “calamondin” in the US).

Kalamansi is a small Philippine lime which I enjoyed growing up. It’s two main uses are squeezing the juice onto food such as pancit (noodles) and drinking the juice in a “lemonade” form. Just as “iced tea” is a typical Southern beverage during hot days, so too is kalamansi juice a typical Filipino drink to keep cool.

Kalamansi fruit and juice

Kalamansi fruit and juice

Since it freezes in north Florida, I did not think I could grow kalamansi, much less even find it. But friends of mine noted that it grows in south Florida. Then, a friend in central Florida said he grows kalamansi in a pot. Other friends posted that Home Depot was selling them in pots. After some online research, I found an area nursery selling them as well.

So I bought one. I have to keep it in the pot so I can bring it indoors during the few winter freezes but otherwise it will thrive outdoors because it likes sun. Not sure when I will see some fruit but it looks like it may take two years. Keeping it in a pot will limit its size and therefore the amount of fruit but a tree would probably bear much more fruit than I could use before spoiling. Friends said that any fruit I don’t use can be squeezed into ice cube trays (for portion control) and then frozen.

And here it is…



6 responses to “A Kalamansi Tree Grows In Tallahassee

  1. My mother had one of these trees in Hallandale, FL and she used to make marmalade out of them.

  2. I had high hopes for doing some container gardening this year, but my back is not going to allow it. So, however you say this in Tagalog, Good Luck!

  3. Lovely! Where there are flowers… there should soon be fruits :-). I helped my lemon tree in the beginning by hand-pollinating: a cotton swab dipped into the pollen of one flower then brushed onto another flower. Enjoy!

  4. I have bonsai kalamansi trees in my garden. They are so lovely when they bear fruits and all turn into orange. By the way, I like to grow kalamansi because they do wonders to my skin and hair 🙂

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