Introducing Four New Bloggers

With a new year upon us, it’s a good time to call attention to four bloggers I’ve recently added to my blog roll. (I know I don’t regularly check other bloggers’ blog roll for new listings.)

I have two common traits with all four bloggers. First, they are all in or from the Philippines, where I was born and raised. Second, their blogs focus on my favorite interest: travel. And you know what the saying is about “birds of a feather…”

So, as we say in the Philippines…sige na! (Let’s go!)

Elmer Valenzuela is a photo blogger who enjoys “street photography.” His “Malate” blog is named after a district in Manila. Elmer describes himself as:

“Elmer is 46 years on Earth. Under the Monkey sign. So he swings from one tree to another. Currently he’s swinging the streets. His passion for street photography is being squashed by paperwork right now but he’s contemplating on an idea: MANILA. street photography/photo-essay. In good and bad light. Maybe something for Pinoys, Manileños, or the world (of course, expats too) to mull over.”

Karen Humilde describes herself as “a full time dreamer and a part time wanderer.” Her “live wander love” blog combines travel and recipes. (Food is also a favorite interest of mine!).

Karen’s current travel post is from a trip to Macau, the first European settlement in East Asia when it became a Portuguese colony in the 16th century and which was returned to China in 1999. (Susie and I took a day trip to Macau from Hong Kong during our 1995 honeymoon.) Check out her beautiful photos and then scroll down for her “Pork Salpicao and Thai Mango Salad” recipe.

Project Magellan’s author Miguel says coyly: ”I don’t really like talking much about myself. It spoils the first date.”

Make a date to be enchanted by his travel photos. Warning: his photos will instill a powerful yearning to visit the Philippines after you see how beautiful it is.

I’ve saved a very special blog for last. “Nightingale Cottage” is the blog of a Manila high school classmate of mine. Jeanne now lives in Bonn and has also lived in Japan. We reconnected through Facebook.

This a short post because now you need to visit each of these four blogs. The links are on the right.

Happy New Year! Impress your friends by saying it in Tagalog: Manigong Bagong Taon! (Pronunciation;: Ma-nee-gong Bah-gong Tah-on).


What say you?

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