Do You Or Don’t You?

I came across the graphic below of “50 things we don’t do anymore because of technological advances.”  And while much of it is true for me, there are still a dozen I do.

For example, I still use maps.  I don’t have GPS. And, even if I did, we’ve all heard stories about how they’ve misguided some folks in some situations.

And, I still do go to my bank to conduct some business. Since I’m retired, I just walk in and rarely have to wait. Plus, there’s free coffee.

And I do still make photo albums of my vacations. There’s something about looking at photos in an album that I feel is more enjoyable than seeing them on a computer monitor. Of course, I’m still working on completing the album for our 2006 trip to Spain…. 😉  And I also put those photos on my travel website.

I still pay most bills by paper check. I don’t use automatic pay for credit cards in case I need to challenge a charge. Nor am I comfortable with a business having my checking account information in their database, waiting to be hacked.

I also hang clothes out to dry. It reduces shrinking, save electricity, and they smell fresher too.

And while I don’t buy many shoes any more, I usually bought them in a store so I could try them on for proper fit. I’ve found that the size I wear depends on how the shoes are designed.

I’m sure each of you still do some of these fifty things.



2 responses to “Do You Or Don’t You?

  1. I’ve added a link to the blog of a classmate from my Manila high school who now lives in Bonn and also lived in Japan. .Like me, she was born and raised in the Philippines. Her current blog is about losing and finding things. Check her out! (Click “Nightingale Cottage” in blog roll list.)

  2. Even if you wanted to use a public/pay telephone, where would you find one? I don’t do it, but I know plenty of people who go to yard sales and flea markets.

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