Are We There Yet? Are We There Yet?

I’ve done what I believe to be a fair amount of both business and leisure travel. The former is nice because you can often slip in some of the latter as well.  Business travel has been limited to Florida, although I did travel to Washington, D.C. a few times for training.

But my business (and even leisure) travel pales to that of a high school acquaintance. George is CEO and Chairman of Marsman Drysdale Group. The company webpage describes itself as: “a diversified Philippine-based holding and management company with interests in the agribusiness, food processing, communications, tourism and investment management industries.”

They say who you keep company with tells a lot about you. Presumably, that applies to business company too. And George keeps some high level company.

With Philippines President Aquino

With Philippines President Aquino

George has been posting Facebook photos of his business travel trips.  Here are a few places he’s been recently, some of them not your usual tourist destination but definitely for the adventurous.

Welcome to Khazakhstan!

Welcome to Khazakhstan!

With Khazakhstan Prime Minister

With Khazakhstan Prime Minister

Samarkand, Uzebekistan

Samarkand, Uzebekistan

When in Uzebekistan...

When in Uzebekistan…

Overlooking Cape Town, South Africa

Overlooking Cape Town, South Africa

If these photos have whetted your appetite for travel, you’re in luck.  A college friend of mine traveled extensively in South Dakota last year and passed on a CD of photos to me. I’ve jut posted them as a guest gallery to my travel photo website.  You can see those photos here.


3 responses to “Are We There Yet? Are We There Yet?

  1. No title this Sunday? Is that the Badlands from the movie of the same title featuring Martin Sheen? You should travel a lot. Travel for travel’s sake. Move.

    • Couldn’t think of title while I was writing and then forgot it had no title until about 8 AM this morning, when I added title. But with Manila time difference…

      I didn’t see that movie, but it is probably the same Badlands because I don’t know of any others. And if a movie is using the name, it presumably is the “famous” one.

      If I move, it will be the last time because at my age there is a lot of “stuff.” When we moved to this house in 1989, it was bad enough. After 25 years, there is even more “stuff.”

      Now that I’m retired and can live where I want, it’s just a matter of finding the absolute right place for a “final” move.

      If I stay in the US, LAs Vegas is the top contender. Those college friends bought property in a small town next to Zion National Park, which is about 2 hours north of Vegas. That town is way too small for my liking.

      I need a big city and those amenities- restaurants, entertainment, etc. Wish it could be Manila, but the situation there is too chaotic. Bad traffic, pollution, etc. But I’d have a ready made barkada of friends I went to school with who still live there.

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