The Year of the Big Nosh

Note:  This post inadvertently published for a few hours last week.  The only difference with this version is the addition of some photos.

Hellooooo readers! This is the Big Nosher writing! (For my non-American readers, “nosh” is a Yiddish term for “snacking.”)

Christmas is my preferred time of year to stock up on “snack” foods for the following year.  I’ve found I can get great deals on foods I like before and after Christmas.  And since I’m home more now that I’m retired, there’s more opportunity for noshing.

Before Christmas, I stumbled upon a website that had a holiday sale and free shipping.  I picked up four pounds of garlic summer sausage, three pounds of cashews, two pounds of Spanish peanuts, and two pounds of dried Turkish apricots for less than $35.  (I’ll be visiting them next year too!)  I’ve already noshed half the cashews, half the peanuts, and all of the apricots.


But that was just the beginning…!

About a week ago, I made one of my periodic trips to World Market to check if there was anything on sale I’d like.  Even if there isn’t, I can at least sample whatever coffee they’ve put out to entice a sale.  (This visit, it was a very smooth Guatemalan Estate.)

Since it had been over two weeks since Christmas, I didn’t expect to find much Christmas clearance food left.  I was right and I was wrong.  Right, because all they had were two shelves of Christmas food at 75% discount or more.  But wrong because most of the items were various types of nougat.  And nougat is my favorite candy.

When I lived in the Philippines,the only nougat I knew of was the Spanish version – turron.  Turron is not cheap.

In the U.S., I became acquainted with inexpensive American nougat.  I don’t care much for it but will eat it when I’m desperate.

As I examined the various nougats at World Market, I noticed they all came from Italy.  Seems that nougat originated in Italy.

Since I was getting a 75% discount, I decided to pick up one of each type. That came to just over two pounds.  Let’s see how long I can stretch it….

Nougat heaven

Nougat heaven

My favorite cake is…fruitcake. This year, I was not able to find my preferred brand (Claxton) at a reasonable price.  But on that World Market sale shelf was Marzipan – a German type of fruitcake.  So I picked up two loaves of that.

I noticed a woman take eight cans of something which had no English on the can. She noticed me looking at her cart and explained that these were thin Swedish ginger snaps and assured me they were delightful.  So I picked up a can too.  (The can is a keeper when I finish the ginger snaps.)

As I was checking out their coffee brewing items, I noticed some coffee advertised at 50% discount.  Now I already have about nine pounds of coffee, including two pounds of a Kona blend I received as a Christmas present, but if the price is right…

This coffee was a brand called 1K because all their coffees are grown at an altitude of at least 1,000 meters (or over a half mile).  I like “high altitude” coffees, and so I picked up a bag of Kilimanjaro East African blend. The bag described it as a light roast with sweet blueberry and cinnamon spice notes and long red wine-like finish. These beans were grown at an average elevation of 1,600 meters, or almost a mile.

Ginger snaps & German fruitcake

Ginger snaps, Marzipan & “Kilimanjaro”  coffee

My receipt says all this food had a “regular” price of about $88.  I paid $25.

Oh World Market, you know what I like!


3 responses to “The Year of the Big Nosh

  1. I’m a bargain shopper too, although I don’t tend to buy food on clearance. It makes sense to look for things that won’t quickly spoil though, like the coffee.

    Around here, winter and cold lasts well beyond Christmas time. So I love to go find winter clothing, shoe and accessory bargains after the holidays. I found a great pair of fashion boots, fur lined and at a good price. I also tend to buy a lot of my clothing at Express. After Christmas, they were selling sweaters for $18 that were $60 before Christmas. I wear sweaters to work pretty much daily. So I stocked up.

  2. No no no! Adolescent males did NOT think about food and deals when the BB sang Chantilly Lace. I can tell you exactly what that song evoked and it wasn’t thoughts of food:) And I could make the young girls blush when I sang it to them.

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