Still Blogging After All These Years

If WordPress hadn’t sent me a reminder, I might have forgotten that I’ve been blogging here for five years.  I guess that means blogging has become such a part of my life that I don’t “notice” it anymore.

When I published my first post on August 2, 2008, I had no idea how long I would stay with blogging.  I decided on a weekly post for two reasons.

First, it would keep me “regular”… and we all know how important regularity is in many facets of life. 😉  If I allowed myself the freedom to post only whenever I felt “inspired” then it would be easy to become a slacker and slip into… irregularity. And irregularity makes it …hard…to develop a readership.

The second reason for a weekly post is that, in its own way, it removes a lot of pressure.  I don’t worry about whether I’m posting “enough” because I’m posting exactly at a level I chose.  And I don’t worry about “when” to post… it’s every Sunday.

And how did I choose a weekly post as opposed to another schedule? I think that’s a reflection of my past writing experience.

I was on my college student newspaper’s staff back in the 70s.  I began in my sopohmore year, writing a weekly political column I called “Gadfly.”  It was a weekly column because the college was small (1,000 students) and so the student newspaper was published only weekly.

In my junior year, I became Editor of the editorial section.  The Editor in Chief spent much of his time off campus interning with the local newspaper, so I wrote many of the editorials and also continued my “Gadfly” column.

In my senior year, I became Editor in Chief.  I also kept the Editor of Editorials job and wrote all the editorials.  Plus a “From the Editor” column when I felt a need for “personal” communication that wasn’t taking a stance on an issue.

So I became accustomed to writing something once a week.  It was easy to go with a blog schedule I had experience with, even if that experience was many years ago.  For me, it was like what they say about riding a bicycle: once you learn, you never forget.

I am a little surprised that I’ve been blogging for five years – a total of 262 posts (not counting this one).  I did have some concerns about whether I would find enough topics to write about.  But since I’m not focused on any one topic, as some blogs are, I have maximum options. Some posts are based on personal experiences, others on observations, and still others from articles I read.

Despite not having any particular focus, a review of my post topics revealed that just over half (135) of my posts are in three areas. My favorite topic is “travel” (47 posts), followed by “life” (40 posts) and then “food” (38 posts). And in fact I love travel and food. And yes, life too…

OK, time for my blog birthday bash….!


6 responses to “Still Blogging After All These Years

  1. Happy blog day. I’ve always admired your once a week plan. When you post, you’ve got something to say, every time.

  2. Happy anniversary Anarchist! I hope that you are enjoying your retirement.

  3. Love that Beatles birthday blast!

    It’s been an eventful 5 years hasn’t it? My reasons for blogging may be a little different than most. My primary focus has been to seek out folks that have a different opinion (s) from myself. I know where to have discussion with like minded centrists but reaching out to those who see the world differently has been enriching.

    So I keep on.

  4. Living in Jersey and wondering why the hell did I get married…

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