Summer’s Here….

Summer is officially here…at least in the northern hemisphere.  When I was in school, I looked forward to summer vacation.  Now, summer has good, bad and ugly sides to it.  Those vary from location to location. But in my part of the world….

The ugly side is the heat and humidity in Florida.  The temperature and humidity can be in the 90s by 11 AM.  Which means you’ll be drenched in sweat within a few minutes if you’re outside.

I saw in the news that Vegas hit 115 (F) a few days ago.  (It was 160 on the pavement.)  But, as they say, it’s a “dry” heat.  You can dehydrate without realizing it since the sweat evaporates so fast off you don’t realize you’re sweating.

The bad side is the almost daily thunderstorms. These can be very violent, with lots of lightning, but fortunately they tend to happen in the late afternoon. What’s bad about all that rain is it makes the lawn weeds shoot up.  My choices are limited: let the lawn look like a code enforcement citation or suffer mowing. If I can get the energy up, it may only be in the 80s in the mid-morning.

But there’s a good side to summer too. This is when the “big” movies tend to be released.  Some are already out: Ironman, Star Trek, and Superman.  Coming up are Lone Ranger, sci-fi adventures Elysium and Pacific Rim, and zombie fest World War Z.  I’m especially interested in Pacific Rim, a robots versus aliens film directed by Guillermo del Toro (who gave us Pan’s Labyrinth).

Summer is also a time for many folks to go on vacation.  I don’t since I prefer to travel during the cooler, more laid back, fall.  Fewer crowds and better deals.

Some folks get to travel for business.  Such as my Manila high school friend Jeff, who was in Paris recently.  And it wasn’t the first time his job took him to Europe…

At the Arc de Triomphe

Manila high school friend Jeff at the Arc de Triomphe

Certain songs from my youth always come to mind during summer. Such as Kokomo…

And In the Summertime…

Enjoy your summer…! Any special plans?

I’ll leave you with a romantic Summer Song…


5 responses to “Summer’s Here….

  1. “Drenched in sweat”. Well, not me. Sweating is a good thing, but for some mysterious genetic reason, I don’t do it much. That makes me more prone to heat stroke, but it also makes me more tolerant of heat without being miserable. So what you said about Vegas is my normal state. I don’t tolerate cold well though, at all, especially cold and humid. Therefore, I love summer! Il love your musical choices too.

  2. I don’t like cold either, but between the two I’ll take cold.

    One thing I forgot to mention as part of the “bad” of summer is all the bugs! Last few weeks, I’ve been seeing a lot of roaches. Mostly dead because I spray and have roach bait.At least with cold there’s no roaches or bugs. And, no need to mow…

    As for music, nothing beats the 60s and 70s!

  3. Yes summer is here and it is hot for sure. Always reminds me of a jungle in Tampa. A jungle with Lions from the 60’s:)

  4. Summer seems to have just arrived here this week. We had so much cold and snow in the early part of the year, right into May. Then came the clouds and rain. Yesterday was 80s and sun and the rest of the week has the same forecast.

    No big plans for us. We take a mini-vacation in August to Lake Superior and the Apostle Islands – our annual trip. I look forward to it, but fall seems to come too soon afterwards, so I’m not in a hurry for it to get here.

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