Free Software That Won’t Nag You

A lot of folks understandably ascribe to the belief that if something is free then “you’re getting what you paid for.”  But there are always exceptions to the conventional wisdom and the NoNags website is one of those exceptions.

There are a numbder of websites where you can obtain what’s called “freeware” because there is no charge for the program.  But a lot of freeware regularly asks you to donate to the program developer.  There’s no obligation to do so and the program will not stop working if you do not donate.  These donation requests are the “nags.”

That’s where NoNags is different.  All its programs are free and they will not ask you to donate to the developer.

When I’m looking for a program, I head for Nonags.  If I can’t find what I need there, then I’m probably not going to find it unless I’m willing to pay.

And just because the program is free doesn’t mean it’s a “skin and bones” program with no bells and whistles.  For “home” use, these programs challenge commercial versions of similar software.

For example, my image viewing program is Irfanview.  Not only does it open just about any type of image but you can also use it to view video files.  After opening an image file, you can edit the image in many ways.  It can be rotated, cropped, converted to grayscale, and resampled / resized. You can also add 10 “special effects” including 3D, sepia, and emboss.

Although a CD /DVD burning program came with my compuer, I didn’t care for it.  I found CDBurnerXP at Nonags and that’s what I use.  It can be used to create data / audio / video discs, to copy a data or audio disc, and to erase a rewritable disc.

It’s nice to have a screen capture program.  NoNags provided me with X-Shot.  I can select the entire screen or delineate a portion of the screen to capture.  That is what I used to capture most of the NoNags menu categories below.


As you can see, there are many categories.  Each program includes a description of its major features.  More importantly is is a rating using one to six ducks.  I stay with programs rated five or six ducks.  Below is the description for a “six ducks” Media Center.


I’ve found a lot of “utility” programs at NoNags.  You can buy “partition” programs such as Acronis True Image.  Or, you can use Aeomi Partition Assistant Home Edition to do such things as make a new partition or copy an existing partition to another drive or DVD as backup so if your hard drive crashes you can restore it to a new hard drive without re-installing all your programs individually. Six ducks…

There is a “pay” option to NoNags but I don’t think that the benefits warrant becoming a paid member.  The main benefit seems to be that you can download the program from their website instead of using a link to the developer’s website, which may be slower. You can decide for yourself…

Check out NoNags now!


One response to “Free Software That Won’t Nag You

  1. This is beyond my skill level. I’m still stuck at hating Windows 8. But I do like the ducks 🙂 I like whimsical things like that because it says “We don’t take ourselves THAT seriously”. And P.S., re: last week’s post, I checked out Ben & Jerry’s vanilla ice cream, and it has, you guessed it, guar gum. So does the too expensive and not-worth-it Starbucks brand. As far as I can tell, Haagen Dazs is the only brand that doesn’t use it.

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