Oh Nooooo… It’s Girl Scout Cookies Season!

A sure sign that Spring is…marching…in is the blossoming of Girl Scout tables at grocery stores, shopping centers, and other high traffic areas.  Since Spring arrives early in my part of the country (north Florida), it has already begun for me.

For a very short time, which undoubtedly is part of the marketing strategy, folks will be able to stock up on their favorite Girl Scout cookies.  But hurry! Quantities are limited and when they’re gone, they’re gone!  And it’ll be a year wait…

For many years, I wasn’t interested in Girl Scout cookies.  I saw nothing special about their cookies, which were over-priced.  I ignored their tables and the entreaties of their parents who worked with me.  (Buying Girl Scout cookies from one co-worker but not others is dangerous territory.)

My attitude changed with the appearance of the Samoa cookie.  A sumptuous cookie with chocolate and coconut not found in any store!

I became another Girl Scout cookie zombie  and joined the masses in the annual Spring pilgrimage to the Girl Scout tables.  I lived in fear that others had scooped up those cookies and there would be no Samoas left for me.  Oh nooooo….!

Now, I have no such fear.  Samoa cookies are available year round.   And at a much lower price than what the Girl Scouts want.  Their monopoly has been broken by Keebler and others selling generic Samoas at the “dollar stores” for as low as $1 a box.  (The Keebler version was on “buy one, get one free” sale this week at my grocery and so I scooped up four boxes.)

A Samoa By Any Other Name...

A Samoa By Any Other Name…

So once again I ignore the Girl Scout tables.  Free at last, Lord, free at last!

I was not surprised to learn that the Samoa cookie is one of the top sellers.  It is the number #2 cookie with 19% of sales.  I was surprised to learn that the Thin Mints are the top seller at 25% of sales.  (Mints are mints, as far as I’m concerned but then I don ‘t care for them anyway.)  Coming in at #3 are the Tagalongs, with 13% of sales.

I understand there’s  a new cookie that seeks to appeal to my Asian taste: Mango creme. A little Internet research quickly dampened any initial enthusiasm.

The Girl Scout website has some interesting facts about their cookies.  (They were first sold by a troop in Muskogee, Oklahoma in 1917.)

Enquiring minds may find their cookie questions answered here.  (Yes, they are kosher, are technically trans-fat fee, and have no preservatives.)

And now you can take advantage of the Internet to find the nearest source of Girl Scout cookies.  Download the Girl Scout cookie app here.


2 responses to “Oh Nooooo… It’s Girl Scout Cookies Season!

  1. The peanut butter and chocolate ones are fantastic. Probably more a candy bar than a cookie. Dangerous stuff.

  2. The cookies are ok. I buy them to support scouting just as i “donate” to little league to support positive youth development. It’s a modest financial effort , so if the stuff is edible I’m ahead.

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