Maligayang Pasko! (Merry Christmas!)

Even though its been a good 48 hours since I staggered from the “Five Floors of Food” that makes up my office Christmas luncheon, I’m still in somewhat of a caloric coma.  It wasn’t the chicken, ham, meatballs or chili dogs that have deprived my brain of blood flow but all the sweets.  My favorite was a three pound fruitcake which was almost all fruit and little cake to hold it together.

But, this week’s topic is obvious…Christmas!  And since originality is not in the picture right now, I’ll “regift” you.   😉

My post from Christmas 2009 is my favorite Christmas post since I began blogging, so here it is again… (two videos have become unavailable since then).

But I’m adding value with a link to the 2011 Philippines  Christmas lights, which easily give any major U.S. city reason to be jealous.  Most of the footage is from Makati, where I lived.   (Note: at 2:30 and until 2:37 watch on the left for Araneta Coliseum in green lights; this is where I saw Dave Clark 5, Herman’s Hermits and other groups in concert during the 60s.) 

And finally, my favorite Philippine version of a well known Christmas carol… Maligayang Pasko!



4 responses to “Maligayang Pasko! (Merry Christmas!)

  1. Wow…those lights are spectacular. And of course, it would not be Christmas without Spam 🙂

  2. Another Fruitcake fan. I love a good moist fruity fruit cake but dry ones really are awful, Two years ago I ordered one from England and served it ala flambeau, it was very sweet but good. Fruitcakes are huge in the UK.

    I saw Dave Clark Five also.

    • We have already gone over the fruitcake cliff! I used to buy 10 one-pound dark Claxton’s around each Christmas, which would maybe make it to early summer. But this year, I decided the price was too high. I will keep my eye open for the after Christmas sales on fruitcake.

      The one mentioned in the post was from Costco…three pounds for about $17, which is good. But I’m not a Costco member.

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