And The Answer Is…

Each week, USAToday publishes, in a “Snapshots” section, the results of surveys conducted by various organizations.  Although I suspect most of these surveys are not scientifically valid, I still find it interesting to learn what mostly self-selected respondents reveal about themselves.

Perhaps that’s because I accept, even revel in, the fact that I am usually not in the mainstream in most aspects of life.  These surveys help confirm that I am not “going with the flow.”  Let’s look at some of these surveys and see where you fit it.

A survey about “savings for emergencies” found that most folks (28%) have none.  But the second highest percentage (25%) have at least six months of expenses saved.  (Six months savings was, at one time at least, the “recommended” level but I always preferred a year.)  Another 25% have three months or less of expenses saved.  I presume that older folks have saved more, so I wish the survey had been broken out by age group.

I’ve always believed that when I’m not at work… well, I’m not at work.  So I’m pleased to see that a plurality of folks surveyed by Expedia agree with me.  A healthy 41% said that they “never” check work e-mail or telephone  messages during a vacation.  But, 20% say they do so “regularly” and another 34% say they do “sometimes.”  I like my job, but I’ve never let it become my life because if your job is your life then you really have no life.

Since I’m retiring next year, I was very interested in a survey of “older” (over 50?) workers about when they were happiest during their career.  I’m part of the 27% who said “now” while a nostalgic 62% said “in the past.”  The remaining 11% are optimists who believe that “the best is yet to come.”  (I’ve been fortunate to have always enjoyed all four of my professional jobs over 33 years but the job I’ve been in since 1993 has been my all-time favorite.)

A survey by found that 76% of men believe that proposing on a bended knee is “essential.”  But when the women are included, that percentage drops to 48%.  Hmmmm….  I’m part of the 8% who  believe that procedure is “corny / outdated.”  My recollection is that after living with Susie for 10 years, I simply said one day that we may as well get married for the legal benefits and she agreed.

A Gallup poll of  1,00o people found that 33% have “never” tried to lose weight.  I think they’re lying!  I’m in the 30% who’ve tried to lose 3-10 pounds.   Only 8% confessed to trying to lose more than 10 pounds.

A poll of 1,080 folks found that only 11% are hiding their money under a mattress…too obvious.  Since 19% are hiding it in a sock, they must not have a lot to hide.  The favorite place to hide money is the freezer (27%).  I hide mine in the inside pocket of one of a number of  suit coats hanging in a closet with other clothes ( mostly “outer wear”) in a “junk” room that no one would want to try to go through.

The people have spoken!


5 responses to “And The Answer Is…

  1. The item here that struck me most is the one about dieting. Those people who say they never tried to lose weight are definitely lying–or they’re in denial about the need so. When you think about the epidemic of obesity in this country…One day this week I accidentally caught the end of Wheel of Fortune. It was “Couples Week”, so the couple who won played the Bonus Round, or whatever they call it,and won that too. They were grossly obese, so when they hugged at the end it was embarassing. The only part of their bodies that could touch were their bellies. This must make having sex challenging. I don’t diet often, but even I am now at the point where I need to lose at least 5 pounds.

    • What I find “interesting” is why folks would even lie in a presumably anonymous survey about dieting. If they were being asked in person, I might understand the denial…. And it’s pretty hard to be in denial about losing weight when one is obese – they see it every day.

  2. And yet they do lie. I wonder if some of the people who said they “never” try to lose weight are people who tried and gave up. And as for your comment, denial works even without the benefit of anonymity. The whole point is lying to yourself. So they may actually believe themselves. The mind is a wondrous thing.
    The other thing on this post that just slayed me is the idea that men think proposing on one knee is essential. That just kills me. (And apparently, most other women.) It serously illustrates the difference between men and women. You and Susie did it right.

  3. I check my work email a lot when I’m away from work. But I like to think it’s not because I can’t let go. I just have really interesting stuff going on and am always trying to stay up to speed. Also… I need to stay on top of the occasional “fires.” So… I guess that means I’m happy in my job. Not always without anxiety about the future due to this economy, but that aside, I’m happy. And have been happy with this company since I began 7 years and 2 jobs ago.

    How much money are people hiding? I don’t hide money. My hubby collects change in an old, big water jug. It’s not well hidden, but if anyone tried to take off with it, they wouldn’t be able to move quickly. There’s a lot of coin in there!

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