My Ten Favorite “Summer” Songs

Since summer’s definitely arrived, I’ll use this week’s post to celebrate the summer mood by presenting a countdown of my favorite ten songs that have “summer” in the title.  Mostly (but not entirely) 60s and 70s “oldies” music because it’s not my fault most of the great music is from that era…. 😉

10. Let’s start off light with John Travolta and Olivia Newton John with a laid back tune from Grease….

9.  I like ABBA and I love Mamam Mia! (both the film and especially the Vegas stage production which ran for six years at Mandalay Bay), so this next one’s a natural…

8. The 80s had some very good, catchy music…

7. Did I mention that the 80’s had some very good, catchy music?

6. Sly and the Family Stone were very cool!

5. The British Invasion wasn’t just about hard rock. Duos like Peter and Gordon were very popular. Who could not be swept away by the smooth voices of Chad and Jeremy?

4. Most of my generation was introduced to this song by The Who. But here is the “original” by the author.

3. When it comes to summer, the band most folks think of is…The Beach Boys!

There’s no #2 and no #1 because it’s a tie for #1. On strictly musical composition, I’d have to go with this classic:

But if it’s frolicking fun you want, then you want Mungo Jerry!


2 responses to “My Ten Favorite “Summer” Songs

  1. My favorite on this list hands down is #4 Summertime Blues. But Summer in the City is awesome too. I would have had to throw in “Summertime”….and the livin’ is easy…It dawned on me only about a year ago that the jumpin’ fish must be mullet.

  2. Sly and the Family – very strong.

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