This Post Is All About ME

As in Memorable Entertainment (ME) TV, one of at least two “oldies” stations I’m aware of.  (The other one is TV Land.)

As a child, I didn’t watch much TV.  One reason was that I preferred to be…exp0loring…away from the house, engaged with life rather than being a spectator to an imaginary world.

Also, since I grew up in the Philippines, there wasn’t much in the way of American television shows in the ’50s and 60’s.  Local programs didn’t entice me.

The situation changed when I was in around fourth grade.  An American opened a station which featured American TV shows.  So when I arrived home between five and six, I ‘d watch these shows until dinner (between 7:30 and 8:00).

Those eight years before graduating high school were the pinnacle of my TV watching.  When I came to the U.S. for college, I watched almost no TV.  The only exceptions were the evening news and the original Star Trek.  I watched these on the TV in the dorm complex lounge.

After graduating college in 1974, I didn’t own a TV until 1985.  I bought a new Camry during a promotion and received a VCR as part of the deal.

Three months later, Susie and I began living together and she put that TV to use. A few years ago, I dropped satellite when I realized I could come out ahead by switching from dial-up Internet to cable Internet with “limited” cable TV.  Susie wasn’t watching most of those satellite channels anyway.

For the last few weeks, I’ve been using a digital “converter” because my TV is not digital (or HD or even a flat panel).  One of the stations I began receiving on the “digital” side of the channels was ME.  And just as I enjoy oldies radio, I’m often watching TV from my childhood when I do watch TV because ME seems to have shows I don’t recall TV Land having.

Shows like “The Highway Patrol” and “Combat!” which I watched regularly.  And The Rifleman, along with Chuck Connor’s “other” show, “Branded.”  And although I’ve only seen previews, there’s no way I believe the new Hawaii Five-O can match the orignal.  If it’s not Jack Lord, it’s not Hawaii Five-O.

After watching ME over a few weeks, I’ve noticed how TV standards have changed over decades.  The old police shows, such as Highway Patrol, aren’t as “noisy” as the current ones.  Less shooting and less big explosions.

Then there’s sex.  On ME shows, even married couples wear pajamas and sleep in separate beds.  Today’s shows aren’t that way.  But they are more honest, which I think is preferable.

Then there’s smoking.  Aliens picking up only ME shows would conclude that humans are big time smokers.  Saturday, Sidney Poitier and Tony Curtis were escaped convicts on an ME movie.  They collapse after running for some time. What do they do within a minute after collapsing? Light up…

Oldies TV isn’t just nostalgia. There’s a lot of social history there too.

Below are the intros to some of my favorite oldies shows.  When you get to “Rawhide” watch real closely for a young Clint Eastwood.


8 responses to “This Post Is All About ME

  1. These were some great shows! You know, I can’t even remember when I got my first TV. Certainly not until after college, although I would watch some at my boyfriend’s house. I remember my roommates and I had to borrow a TV to watch the moon landing.
    You left out “I Spy” and “Outer Limits” and “Bonanza” 🙂

    • Now that you mention it, I recall “I Spy” but I must not have watched it much. I didn’t care for “Outer Limits” as much as Twilight Zone. I did forget to include “Alfred Hitchcock Hour.”

  2. The Ed Sullivan Show 🙂

  3. Good post. Loved all these shows. But in my opinion the single greatest TV serial ever run was The Fugitive.

    • I did enjoy The Fugitive at first. But, as with X-Files, I became tired of all the “teasing”…so close to the one-armed man or proof of aliens but always yanked away in the end. Was the one-armed man ever found?

      The main reason I watched The Avengers was to enjoy Diana Rigg. I had a big time crush on her! BArbara Bain in Mission Impossible was easy on the eyes too, but no competition to Diana Rigg.

  4. The one armed man was indeed found and killed. Gerrard admitted Kimbles innocence and shot the one armed man to save him.
    Both those women were just hot.

    And I also agree that 5-O is not the same at all without Jack Lord.

  5. sc, I so agree with you about the Fugitive. I so loved it, but eventually it becamse wearing. Same way I feel about House. When it was new, it was fresh and different, but week after week the same story. Different details. I was a loyal viewer for 7 years, but in year 8, when they cancelled it, I was not sad to see it go.
    I loved Diana Rigg 🙂

  6. Whoops I mi-remembered All of the ending which was 2 part at the end of the first part the 1 armed man was dead so there was no surviving proof of Kimbles innocence. An unknown witness (who did not come forward during the trial) finally did confess that he saw the 1 armed man do the deed and was too terrified to intervene. He was then afraid to be branded a coward so he just kept quiet. The last episode ends with Kimble staring at 2 policemen who get out of a patrol car as he walks by with Diane Baker in tow.

    I had a high school chum whose real name was Richard Kimble. Boy did he take some ribbing.

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