Art Is The Spice Of Life

Yesterday was the 12th Annual LeMoyne Arts Festival, our area’s largest arts event.  Over 100 artists, mostly from Florida and Georgia but also as far away as California, present their work and compete in a judged competition.  Unlike last year, this year’s show was much more “eventful” for me because I purchased six items (two of them as Christmas presents).

I’ve been attending arts festivals for over 25 years.  When I lived in Gainesville, I regularly attended the Cedar Key Arts Festival, which drew more folks than the town population. This festival has been held for over 45 years and is also a juried event with $10,000 in prizes.  It has become so large (crowded)  that I rarely attend now because of the parking problem.

If you’re still reading, you probably have some appreciation of art.  Or at least are not repelled by it.  I understand why some folks stay away from art shows.

Unfortunately, the word “art” often is associated with painting.  Your parents may have dragged you to an “art” museum as a child in an effort to inculcate an appreciation for this form of art and it’s no surprise that the effort often has the opposite result.

Painting is towards the bottom of my art form favorites.  Almost all the art in our home is a form other than painting.  Our problem now is very limited wall space. So I have to be very careful about what I purchase.

I know enquiring minds are curious about what type of art appeals to the Sunday Blogger.  Since art must be seen to be appreciated, you will see my favorite art.

At one time, I collected masks but I’ve stopped because of the display space problem.  One wall in my computer is covered with masks, but some of the better masks are displayed alone so they stand out.

I found my favorite mask during a trip to San Francisco.  I had to “sleep on it” for a day or two before buying it because I knew it’d be a hassle bringing it back.  I ended up taking it on the plan as a “carry on” and it now sits above my easy chair in the living room.  I call it my “waaaaaz uuuuup” mask…

That is my largest mask.  But one of my smallest masks is also a favorite.

One of my first, and largest, non-mask pieces of art is a work I acquired many years ago at our Springtime Festival.  It features a turtle sandblasted into a large piece of glass with a “jagged” edge top.  It hangs in our kitchen window so anyone coming up the driveway will see it if the window is open.

  I’m attracted to bright colors.  So much of my art has color in it.  I bought this glass crab at a LeMoyne festival a few years ago.

Two years ago, an artist from California attended the LeMoyne festival and apparently did very well because he returned last year and this year.  I bought this ceramic horse from him two years ago.

Functional art is always nice. I found this mirror in St. Augustine.

I’ve saved my two “wall” purchases from this year’s Lemoyne festival for last.  One is an Asian watercolor from a Chinese artist who came all the way from the L.A. area. This piece will go in our foyer, which has an Asian theme.

The second piece is described by the artist as “experimental.”  I read, but can’t remember, the process he used to create it but his description is “investigating the effects of transparent color and refracted light.  All I know is that I like both the colors and the composition.  And that’s what art is all about.  If you like what you’re looking at, then it’s good art and what anyone else thinks is irrelevant.

So what are you waiting for…add some spice to your life!


2 responses to “Art Is The Spice Of Life

  1. Well now that’s pretty cool stuff. Like your mask collection.

    One November day in La Jolla Ca I walked into this shop and fell in love with Venetian masks.
    They are just too pricey for collection but there is an intriguing history of their evolution. Seems they were quite popular among the aristocratic men who cavorted with women of the night. They were worn during carriage & gondola rides to remain anonymous during the wee hours of the Italian mornings.

    • I wasn’t collecting masks when we were in Venice (1988) but I do recall admiring them. Maybe those masks percolated in my subconscious for a few years and then gave birth….

      Welcome back!

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