A Philippine Christmas

Merry Christmas!  Or, as we say in the Philippines…Maligayang Pasko!  In keeping with the holiday, I’m bringing you a special Philippine Christmas light show.

Pampanga is a province (like a state in the U.S.) two provinces south of my mother’s home province.  A Pampanga tradition is creating giant (think Godzilla) Christmas lanterns.  As technology evolved, so did the lanterns.  Now the lanterns feature flashing lights synchronized to music.

Here’s a video of the 2007 competition for best giant lantern.

Here is a collection of 42 giant lantern videos that you can scroll through and decide which to view.  (Video quality is uneven.)

When I left the Philippines in 1970, my hometown of Makati was relatively undeveloped.  My recollection is that the key intersection of Makati Avenue and Ayala Boulevard was empty on three of the four corners.  The fourth corner had a small shopping center. Now, two of the four corners have premium Asian hotels and the whole area is built up with huge skyscrapers.  Each year,  just a few steps from that intersection, about two miles from my old  house, there is an impressive light show.  (The first minute is a slow introduction.)

Although it’s from last year, this video shows a variety of Christmas lights, trees and displays throughout Metro Manila. ( As of 2007 census, Metro Manila had over 11.5 million residents.)

Finally, especially for FakeName, featuring one of her favorite foods which Filipinos adore, my favorite “Philippine” Christmas carol.  (Tame woman plays all characters.)

Maligayang Pasko!


8 responses to “A Philippine Christmas

  1. Rofl! Fakename appreciates the special mention. It’s been a very unusual year. No hurricanes really threatened us, so FN did not have a good reason to shop for her favorite food, not that you have to have a reason 🙂 I never tire of this video, it cracks me up every time. One of my friends from work sends out an email every Christmas called Weeweechu. Two chihuahuas are having a conversation. The male is trying to get the female to “Weeweechu”, and finally she gives in. “Weeweechu a Merry Christmas, weeweechu a Merry Christmas….”, etc. I never tire of that one wither. My favorite TV commericial for the season is Santa checking his iPhone callendar,and the phone says, “You have 3.7 million appointments today.”

  2. Lol…”wither” should be “either” 🙂

  3. And “callendar” should be “calendar” :). I guess I am overly excited by my new computer, which is so fast it’s faster than my brain.

  4. And my fingers and my mouth have always been faster than my brain.

  5. I just got the new computer on Friday. I killed the old one by not having virus protection,to make a long story short.

  6. I was without a home computer for almost two weeks, but the smart phone kind of rescued me. I could chek FB and email for example,and WordPress too. The big problem for me was replying. I just can’t type as fast on Android as I can on a computer keyboard.

  7. Better late than never… Merry Christmas!

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