Enjoying Halo-Halo Before Halo-Halo Was Cool

Now that CNN has praised “the” Filipino dessert known as halo-halo, I wonder whether Americans will make it next year’s coolest dessert.  But if you don’t live in an area with a significant Filipino population, good luck finding it.

I suppose you could make your own, but it may not be easy finding the ingredients even if there’s an Asian market in your area.  But if you’re in the San Francisco Bay area or other California locations),  New York, Seattle or Las Vegas, just head over to the local Jollibee.  (Note: Jollibee’s version has just under 500 calories.)

I think Susie began her love affair with halo-halo in 1996. That’s when we attended a reunion of my high school in San Francisco.  A group of us ate at a Filipino restaurant and Susie’s been a halo-halo fan since then.  Since we almost always have one meal at a Filipino restaurant when we’re in Vegas each year, that’s her opportunity to indulge her halo-halo habit.

Interestingly, halo-halo is not a favorite of mine.  Maybe it’s because I don’t like the beans.  Maybe it’s because my mother liked it and I decided that not liking it was a proper rebellious statement. Now, halo-halo without the beans is something I enjoy but then asking for it that way subjects me to a quizzical look, as if I’m debasing a national treasure.

In 2007, a reunion of my high school group included a “make your own” halo-halo bar. I jumped at the chance to make a halo-halo with my favorite ice creams and fruits and no beans. The halo-halo bar was a reunion first and a huge hit.

Now try to find some halo-halo before it’s all gone!


One response to “Enjoying Halo-Halo Before Halo-Halo Was Cool

  1. I had to Google it of course, and it seems there are many other things that could be used besides beans? But I guess beans must be traditional. I certainly have a hard time imagining beans in a dessert.

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