Oh No…Not Another Pair of Shoes! (Oh Yes!)

Saturday began innocently enough.  The plan was for Susie to get a cut and then we’d go grocery shopping.  That was the plan…

Her appointment was at 10.  After 15 minutes (and $30), we were done.  Next stop was the Circle K around the corner  for her morning Coke.  Just 69 cents for a 44-ounce bladder buster.

But it was now just 10:30 and it is uncivilized to go grocery shopping at that hour.  What to do, what to do…?

I made the fateful decision to pass the time at Beall’s, a “Florida living” department store.  Since Susie’s retired and I will be soon, we rarely shop anymore.  So we would “just look” and enjoy their air conditioning.  Riiiight….!

In a sign of the weak economic time, the whole store was 30% percent off.   I was not impressed.  But, I’d had a number of …transcendant… experiences in their clearance shoe section and so we wandered there.

And there they were.  Deer Stags in an “oyster” color which would go well with khaki / beige pants and also white. I did not have anything like them.   The monster had awakened…. It was the first time this year that I had confronted an untractable foe: the Philippine Shoe Fetish.

Now many women are afflicted with this condition.  But I am one of the rare men who suffers (enjoys?) it.

I have about 75 pairs of shoes, a count which excludes flip flops but which includes sandals.  Except for some of the “casuals,” they are all leather.  And, with few exceptions, I bought them all at $30 or less.

Undoubtedly, many of you are asking: how does a man amass a collection of 75 pairs of shoes? Many men have maybe just a half dozen.

I’m not sure how it happened myself.  Looking at my collection, it appears I began with dress shoes with leather soles which I now almost never wear but cannot throw away.  As casual dress shoes became popular, I moved into that category. A pair here, a pair there…and before I knew it – a closet full of shoes.

Over a year ago, I psychologically imprisoned my adversary.  The desire to shop for shoes disappeared.  I was happy with what I had. There was no need for another pair of shoes.

But as I looked at these Deer Stags, I began the rationalization.  I had not bought new shoes this year.  In fact, I couldn’t recall the last time I had bought new shoes.

I was not giving into my shoe fetish desire.  These shoes would address a void in my collection.  I void I had just become aware of…  😉

And then the factor I can rarely resist delivered the coup de gras.  These shoes were a price I could not refuse.  A price no sane person could refuse. The “sticker” was $55.  But after all the various clearance discounts, the final price, was…. $7.  How can anyone say “no” to brand name $55 shoes for $7?  It would be an economic crime!

And so, for the first time this year, I bought a pair of shoes.  And here they are…

I know that enquiring minds want to know, and so I will indulge them with some of my favorite shoes.

These are my only pair of boots.  I only bought them because they’re snakeskin.  Found them at a western and boot store which was going out of business in Gulfport, Mississippi, just down from our hotel.  I made an exception to my “$30 or under” rule because they were boots and snakeskin.  They were about $40.

Bought these online for $9.99.  Free shipping.  They go with most any color!

How could I come back from Spain, where shoes are King, without a pair of shoes.  Genuine Spanish leather for about $10. Susie found a pair for her at the same store, also for under $10.

I was sold on these shoes because of the stitching on the side and the front.  Very cool!

I’m the envy of all who see these Converse All Stars on a weekend. And just $14.99!

These Timberland shoes with a  buckle are “different.”  And I like to make a difference!  😉  Not only were they on sale one Black Friday but a coupon brought the price down to about $20.  (Timberland’s stopped mailing me coupons.)

So now my secret is out….


2 responses to “Oh No…Not Another Pair of Shoes! (Oh Yes!)

  1. By far, my favorites are the Scarface shoes! Do you actually wear them? Or are they just considered a collectible?

    The Chuck Taylors are pretty cool too!

    I just realized I’ve not bought any shoes for a while either. I have a hard time buying shoes. I like a little heel, but not much and it seems like it’s either “lotsa” heel or nothing. So I search a lot and buy infrequently. I bought one pair of sandals this summer and didn’t even buy any new flip-flops, which are my shoe of choice during warm months.

  2. Oh yes, I wear the Scarface shoes. To the mall, movies, etc on weekends. Laces are very and so I have to be careful tying them or they may hit the ground.

    It’s the boots that get little wear. if I wear the once a year, that’s a lot. They’re not comfortable. I have to wear them in situations where I won’t walk much. Such as a party, where I can sit.

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