It’s My Blog’s Third Birthday

August 10, 2008, was my first “public” post here at WordPress.  Previously, I had been blogging at my local newspaper’s website but decided to leave it for WordPress for a number of reasons.

First, the newspaper site had way too many trolls.  Even though the administrators booted the trolls when made aware of them,  the trolls just came back under a new screen name.  But their identity was easily revealed by their writing style. At WordPress, I’ve encountered few trolls and WordPress provides me a way of dealing with them.

Second, the newspaper’s blog options could be described as  “WordPress extra lite.”  Before choosing WordPress,  I checked out other blogging sites and WordPress impressed me the most.  I was especially impressed with the number of themes.

Third, WordPress offered the prospect of a wider and larger audience than the newspaper.  And thanks to Clustrmaps,  I see that I’ve had visitors from every continent.

While at the newspaper site, I had developed online friendships with four other bloggers.  I encouraged them to leave the newspaper site  and join me at WordPress.  Three of them did follow me here and the fourth one eventually did.  Two of them are no longer blogging, one blogs irregularly and one is a regular contributor.

When I moved to WordPress, I wasn’t sure whether I’d be able to post regularly.  I decided that I could avoid burnout by posting just once a week and decided to name the blog to reflect that.  But I still wondered whether I could post even once a week for month after month, year after year.  How could I keep coming up with topics?

But three years later I’m still blogging! I often have a number of posts “in the queue.”  Some I’m holding for “the right time”; others are only partially written.  Some may never be published because after reading them later I decided they are not as interesting as I had thought when I wrote them.

On the other hand, what I think will be well received has not always been the case.  Conversely, posts I thought would be “nothing special” generated a lot of comments.  One (What Is the American Dream?) took on a political turn I never intended because I normally avoid “political” posts.  It does  seem to me that most readers  are not  interested in political posts.  (Plus, those posts seem to really bring out the trolls.)

So why do I blog?  I’m not sure myself.

Perhaps it’s because writing is a creative endeavor and blogging is a way to address that urge.  Some folks address the creative urge by cooking.  But with cooking, once you’re eaten the meal, it’s gone.  By blogging, my posts may very well be around long after I am not.

I enjoy writing.  In college, I joined the campus newspaper and ended up as editor during my senior year.  One day during my senior year, my faculty mentor asked if I had learned the results of a test I had taken as a freshman about careers I would be compatible with.  My previous mentor had not shared the results with me.  Turned out that I was very compatible with journalism.

Also, government.  That explained why I was very active in student government, serving first as a dorm representative and then an executive officer.  In my senior year, I had to choose between becoming editor of the newspaper and student government president.  I decided the newspaper would give me more opportunity to influence folks.

After college, I turned back to government and spent over 30 years in local and state government.  I will retire from that in two years.

Some three years ago, I returned to the written word through blogging. I do not plan on retiring from this any time soon!


9 responses to “It’s My Blog’s Third Birthday

  1. Lavender Water's Writing Blog

    Congratulations on your blog’s 3rd birthday 🙂 It is nice to see people who truly enjoy what they do and not planning on retiring anytime soon 🙂

  2. Ah, spencercourt. Those were the good old (bad old) days, right? I keep telling you, you were the guru! And very often I realize just how right you were. I have a couple of friends who are now blogging on blogspot, and I hate that site. It’s difficult to comment and it has no style.
    As disdainful as I am these days about the Democrat, I have to reluctantly admit I’m grateful for the ease with which I could dip my toes in the water, so to speak, of blogworld. Plus, it it weren’t for them, I would never have met you or Nick or pt. My life is richer for it.
    As for trolls, who can ever forget Eat4BetterHealth? And whatever her name was before that, lol.
    I do know what you mean about blogging. Why? I’ve asked myself that question often. The best I can come up with is that it’s just an outlet. I really have very few people I can talk to about the things that catch my attention. I don’t even care if anyone ever reads the blog, although truthfully, I like that they do. I would do it anyway.
    So anyway, Happy Blog Birthday! I was not far behind you! .

    • > Eat4BetterHealth

      I wanted to mention her in the post but I had a senior moment remembering any of her aliases, only that they were all plays on a phrase. Thanks to you I now know it was “4better.” One of her other aliases was something like “work4abetterworld.” I still laugh thinking about her tormentor, who called himself “poo4better health.”

      Yes, the Democrat had its role but we quickly outgrew it and moved on to a better place. Had we stayed at the Democrat, I’d not have found Blurts, Into the Mystic and others I like to read regularly, such as the two travel blogs I recently added.

      (You know, I think I may have left out Florida Cat as one of the bloggers who came to WP with us. I’ve not seen a post from her for so long.)

  3. I’ll check out Lavender Water.

  4. Wow, you are dug in arent you? Congrats, I can’t think of many who’ve stayed in this as long!

  5. I’m sorry I missed your big day! Happy belated anniversary.

    I have to agree with you as to WordPress being the best of the blogging platforms. I’ve blogged elsewhere (for a short while, in the beginning stages of my blogging career) and was so glad to find WP. It is far superior! And it just keeps improving.

    I understand the need to write as a creative outlet too, and especially enjoy the sense of community among bloggers. I’m glad to count you among the friends I’ve made through writing.

  6. > I’m glad to count you among the friends I’ve made through writing.

    I’ve the same feeling about you!

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