Don’t Stop Believing

While watching a very old episode of “Sunday Morning” last month, I learned, three years after the fact, of a touching story.  And it is somewhat personal too.

Touching because it is a “hopelessness to happiness” story which millions of folks dream about but know in their hearts that it is almost impossible to achieve.  Personal because the impossible happened to a Filipino.

Arnel Pineda had lived on the streets of Manila after both his parents died while he was a child.  But a YouTube video of his tenor voice reached thousands of miles to the ears of Journey’s Neil Schon.  The band was at a  standstill after a number of replacements following Steve Perry’s departure didn’t work out.  No tours. No records.  That was about to change.

Arnel Pineda has brought Journey “very back.”  And he hasn’t forgotten where he came from. He set up a foundation in the Philippines to help street kids.  I’m not much for charity.  But this one pays no salaries and is helping a group that would gladly change places with any “down and out” child in this country and see it as a step up.  So I’m going to donate to it.

Arnel didn’t stop believing. And like Manny Pacquiao, he is giving hope to millions who have no reason to hope. And if you have no hope…

Here’s the Sunday Morning story.

Here’s Arnel with Journey at his Manila homecoming concert.

Here’s Arnel’s foundation.

P.S.  The Philippines just overtook Canada as the third leading country for where my readers live.


5 responses to “Don’t Stop Believing

  1. ‘So I’m going to donate to it.”

    Kudos to you, perhaps you do not need Dickens after all.

    I love CBS Sunday Morning Breakfast with the Arts, watch it frequently, it is one of the few news shows that actually produce “good journalism.”

    And Don’t Stop Believing will always be one of my favorite Journey songs because of it closing out the Sopranos. I thought it the perfect ending and laughed for days after they sprung it. Others, like my daughter hated it because they wanted to know what happened.

    Anyway, fwiw, this is your best post imho::))

    • > Kudos to you, perhaps you do not need Dickens after all.

      Maybe just a cause i can “believe” in… 😉

      > Anyway, fwiw, this is your best post imho::))

      Well thanks, PT. Was it the “against the odds” theme? (It was probably the fastest post I’ve written.)

  2. I saw him perform with Journey a few years back, he was great. A few people i was with didn’t believe me when I told them there had been a change

  3. “Was it the “against the odds” theme?”

    Nope! It was the overall compassion of your post.

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