I Love A Blizzard in July

I love ice cream.  And I eat it regularly.  Week before last, I polished off a “near half gallon” of Publix (Florida grocery) Premium Coconut Road which was my good  luck to be on sale for $3. This coconut ice cream with chocolate coated praline coconut flakes and fudge is a “Limited Edition” flavor, so I was lucky that a co-worker alerted me to it even being available. By the time I stopped by the store after work, there were just three cartons left.
Thanks to a $10 Groupon, I’ll soon have a half gallon of Cold Stone Creamery ice cream at a nice discount.  I understand they have some special summer flavors, including Chocolate Hazelnut and a Mojito Sorbet. I’m hoping one of their “seasonal” flavors will be available: Dark Chocolate Peppermint. And of course I’m looking for some flavor which features Coconut and/or Mango…
But of all the ice creams out there, my favorite indulgence is a Blizzard. At over $4 for a large, my consumption of Blizzards has been tame. That’s about to change.
Earlier this month, I joined the Blizzard Fan Club, which I didn’t know existed until I saw it promoted on a drink cup while eating there. Each year, I’ll receive 6 “Buy One, Get One Free” coupons, plus one on my birthday.  I got a BOGO coupon for signing up and a few days later I received the July coupon. 
Last Sunday, we headed over to use the “welcome” coupon. But Sunday was my lucky day. The store’s special was a BOGO on the Caramel Toffee flavor. I like caramel toffee, so it was “two large, please.”  I can’t believe I ate the whole thing!  <g>  Susie had a few bites and hers went into our freezer for me to enjoy over the week. 
                                                                                                                                        Eating Eating large Blizzards over a week is the “good” way to enjoy them because they are loaded with calories. (I did mow the yard before we went to the DQ.)  I looked up the Caramel Toffee and just a medium has over 800 calories. A large Georgia Mud Fudge, my second favorite flavor, has almost 1,500 calories.  Fortunately, my favorite, the Hawaiian, has “only” 820 calories.  So it looks like the best plan is to only eat about a third at the DQ and take the rest home for snacking on over a few days.   
That’s the plan anyway…. Later today, I’ll use my July BOGO for a Hawaiian Blizzard.  I’ll try to mow the lawn first.  (Amazing how fast grass grows when it rains…) Then, we’ll stop by Cold Stone Creamery to pick up the half gallon before my Groupon expires
You do know that July is National Ice Cream month, right? If you’ve not been celebrating, you still have today to make it up!

6 responses to “I Love A Blizzard in July

  1. You mowed the lawn? I think I might faint 🙂 (I thought that was Susie’s job.) You do remember that there are scary things out there, right? Spiders and fire ants and wasps?
    I do admire your passion for ice cream. My sister has taken to making her own. That seems like a pretty frugal concept! Unless you’ve priced the cost of cream these days. DQ may be able to sell ice cream cheaper than you could make it, because they have other items they can mark up ridiculously to make up the difference–French fries and soft drinks are number one and two on that list. That’s why McDonald’s can sell hamburgers for a dollar. The beef alone costs more than that.

    • > Susie’s job

      Used to be, but now I’ve taken over. Her energy’s not what it used to be and I’m concerned about her mowing that sloped lawn and possibly overturning the mower. And, she may developed asthma.

  2. I tend to find a thing I like and then always order the same thing, hence the reason I hardly know what other Blizzard flavors are available besides Cookie Dough! Mark is more adventurous with his Blizzards, so once in a while I’ll try a bite of one of his. Banana Cream Pie is pretty tasty too.

    Did DQ offer a Pumpkin Pie blizzard at one time? Maybe seasonally? I’m vaguely remembering something like that and it being really good. Could have been a different product, but I’m thinking it was a Blizzard…

    I think I’m going to have to make a trip to DQ before the end of this weekend.

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