It’s Not Your Grandma’s Yogurt Anymore

So I’m at the grocery store and notice that their brand of yogurt is on sale – just a quarter for a six-ounce cup. I decide to pick up a few cups for healthy mid-day snacks for Susie and me.

I don’t normally eat yogurt. A major reason for that has been the lack of many flavors that I enjoy. In the past, the only flavors I found appealing were raspberry, strawberry, blueberry and peach.

But as I began looking for those flavors, I realized that there are now a whole bunch of flavors, including “tropical” ones. Yee-ha! When did this happen?

The first new flavor I discovered was pineapple, and it was the “fruit on the bottom” variety too. I love pineapple! Then I stumbled upon “spicy pineapple.” I like spicy but I didn’t think that is appropriate for pineapple so I passed. (In certain areas, I’m very much “old school.”)

My eyes widened when I saw “mango.” Mango is also very high on my favorites list, especially green mango with salt and accompanied with rice. (Try it, you’ll like it if you enjoy sour foods like dill pickles.) The store was also offering a BOGO on Luigi’s Italian ice, so I picked up two boxes of mango flavor. The more mango in my mouth, the better! (I await the reappearance of mango ice cream.)

I also saw coconut in two varieties. One was coconut by itself. The other was pina cola – coconut and pineapple. I picked up a cup of each.

Then, I encountered some very funky flavors. Such as “guava pastry.” Guava in any form is a treat so I picked up a few cups of that. I’ve had guava pastry and this yogurt tasted just like it. Amazing how they captured the flavor.

My jaw went slack when I saw hurros, which I had in the Philippines and also enjoyed in Spain. Churros should be eaten by dunking them in hot melted chocolate but coffee will do if there’s no chocolate. The thought of eating churros as yogurt offended my sense of propriety but I decided to be adventurous and try a cup. I didn’t like it; I tasted some cinnamon, which churros often have, but that was about it.

I hope this expansion of yogurt flavors to tropical delights continues. There are many more exotic fruits I think can be successful. Such as lychee. This Southeast Asian fruit has become very popular in the culinary world. So lychee yogurt is a no-brainer. But until then I can make my own by buying canned lychee at an Asian store and adding it to plain yogurt.

Then, there’s papaya. We had a papaya tree in our yard in Manila. I often had papaya salads.But the papayas I’ve seen in the U.S. are unappealing. They’re midgets! A “real” papaya is a good 15 to 18 inches long. I doubt the midget papayas have the same strong flavor. But they might be able to give me that flavor in a papaya yogurt.

With the exception of our 1995 trip, I’ve been away from Asia for 40 years. But now Asia is coming to me, at least in many of its fruits. About time…


10 responses to “It’s Not Your Grandma’s Yogurt Anymore

  1. I doubt seriously that either of my grandmas ever even tasted yogurt! In college, I practically lived on plain (not vanilla!) yogurt and honey. That and Red Zinger herbal tea. My new favorite flavor of yogurt is blackberry. I so agree with you about how good it is to have more options at the grocery store these days.
    When I lived in West Palm Beach, I had a mango tree in my yard, which is why I also had rats, but that’s another story. I also had a tangerine tree and a grapefruit tree, but the rats preferred the mangoes 🙂 The guy who cut my hair made and sold mango salsa from his shop. It was fabulous stuff! I liked it much better combined with other ingredients–by itself, mango has a strange aftertaste, I think. It’s definitely an acquired taste.

    • > mango has a strange aftertaste,

      You may have been eating one of those “faux” mangos not grown in Asia! LOL!

      > tangerine

      Now that’s another thing I miss from the PI. There, our “tangerines” were the Mandarin oranges. Monsters that peeled liked a tangerine and were super sweet.

  2. Been hearing a lot about the benfits of eating yogurt. I havent seen all the flavors youre getting but it seems like theye trying to make it easier to enjoy doesnt it?

  3. “Is there something special about this “Greek” yogurt? I’ve not seen it in this backwater”

    Publix has it in the Greenwise section. It is tasty, comes in assorted sizes and flavors. The flavoring is more sophisticated than publix brand. I actually make it a practice to not buy any of pubix brand of anything because it is almost always inferior to the national brand. Even salted peanuts in their shells are crappy.

  4. “Better is bread with a happy heart than wealth with vexation”

  5. So now I gotta Google “Amenhotep”? Sounds like he was a Pharoah. Easy for him to say…he was obscenely wealthy. I assure you that when I was “relatively” wealthy in my youth, I did not find it veaxious at all!

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