Come Now – It’s National Masturbation Month!

I know what you’re thinking…I was thinking the same thing Tuesday when I learned that May is National Masturbation Month: WTF? Is this a joke?

It’s no joke. Worse, the nation has been come..memorating it for over 15 years. And not once in these 15 years did I receive a Hallmark card in May. Not once!

I know, I know. Masturbation is a very…touchy…topic.  But that’s exactly why we should be…excited…to promote this cause by lending a…hand. Believe me, I have no compunction about…spilling…my enthusiasm for this very important effort.

What I find interesting is the event’s….length. Not a day. Not a week. But an entire month!

Maybe it’s good that I’ve found out so late in the month. If I’d learned last month and tried to participate on a daily basis…

During my research, I stumbled across some “records” achieved over the 15 years.

Time Records:
– Female: 6 h, 30 min (Norine Dworkin, San Francisco, 2004)
– Male: 8 h, 30 min !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (San Francisco, 2006)

Most Orgasms:
– Female: 49 (London, 2006)
– Male: 6 (London, 2006)

Notice that no records have been set since 2006.  Is the world going…soft?  If I were 50 years younger, I’d start training now to try and set a new record next year.

But at least I can make a contribution this month! What about you?


5 responses to “Come Now – It’s National Masturbation Month!

  1. Had I not found out so late in the celebration, it might not have felt so anti-climactic for me!

  2. As usual, you’ve done a fine job of squeezing out what needed to be said on this topic.

  3. You are such a character! I must say that I was interested by the record-setters. How do you suppose that was documented and verified? Was the Guinness Book of World Records involved? I confess it took a while to pick myself up off the floor after reading territerri’s comment about the news being “anti-climactic”.

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