Another Math Mistake….?

Saturday’s most watched YouTube video may have been:

Today’s most watched YouTube video may be:

Monday’s most watched YouTube vidoe may be:

Remember the ancient wisdom: Drink no Kool-Aid before its time!


6 responses to “Another Math Mistake….?

  1. This morning I wonder if there are people who believe the Rapture DID actually occur, and they are horrified to find they are still here.

  2. I also have a funny reaction to it today. Yesterday I was more than willing to make fun of their gullibility. Today, I feel sorry for them. They were duped by a sociopath.

  3. Nicely done.

    It does make you wonder if there ought to be a law to cover this sort of thing. perhaps he didn’t gain anything from this silliness, but he certainly caused some gullible people some agony and financial ruin.

  4. Rhapsody??? Noles lost, Rays lost, only the Lightning won. There was no Rhapsody in Mudville on Saturday.

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