Under New Management… Not!

I’ve never understood the thinking behind those “under new management” banners that adorn certain types of businesses from time to time. I typically spot them at fast food restaurants, apartment complexes and auto repair shops.  These are not businesses which rank high in customer service.

I wonder if the new management really believes that the banner will entice former customers to return and/or bring in new customers? And if so, why?

To me, an “under new management” banner is a mea culpa that folks are avoiding the establishment because of a sorry situation.  I can think of no other reason for such a banner.

But if I were a former customer withholding my patronage after poor service, I’d not be inclined to return on the basis of a “new management” banner. How do I know the new management has addressed the problem(s)? If it was poor food, I’d have more confidence in a banner proclaiming “new cook.”  But then, the new cook could be as nasty as the previous cook.

So why I should take the risk? If the situation has been turned around, then the word will get around thanks to folks more adventurous, and forgiving, than I am. Some folks say everyone deserves a second chance but I don’t believe anyone deserves a first chance. (That’s a whole different blog.) So if I give you a first chance, you better get it right because I see a second chance as a form of moral hazard.

I have a very long memory when a business (or person) gets on my wrong side. I don’t forgive and I never forget. It’s called holding folks accountable. There are a number of businesses (such as Delta Airlines) that I stopped doing business with forever on the basis of a single bad experience.

In Mafia movies, they often say “it’s not personal, it’s just business”  before they kill someone. I never understood that; for me, it’s almost always personal. If someone’s trying to take advantage of me or treating me poorly, that’s not business…it’s personal.

This blog is not under new management…


One response to “Under New Management… Not!

  1. You’re right. It IS personal. If it weren’t, we’d all just be robots.

    p.s. Thank you for your advice today. It is VERY much appreciated. I finally feel as if I can DO something about things instead of just sitting back and watching it happen.

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