What Happens in Vegas…

…when I’m in Vegas, gets reported on this blog for all Vegas voyeurs and virgins to vicariously, if virtually, indulge in. Because there are two groups of folks: those in Vegas and those who wish they were. And for the next week, we will enjoy the exalted status of that first group!

Yes, we’re on our annual pilgrimage to Vegas, the Mecca of adult leisurely delights. I’m not sure of the count but it is easily 30+ visits. And we never tire of it because there’s always something new.

After the MGM Grand for $59 in January 2010 and the Flamingo for $40 in July 2009, we’re staying at Susie’s favorite (and my second favorite): the Orleans. They made us an offer we couldn’t refuse: $29 a night Sunday through Thursday with a $15 food and $15 slot credit. That’s like a free night. If it weren’t for the economy we’d probably be paying about $55.

Since I’ll have some limited free Internet at the Orleans business center, I hope to update this blog on Tuesday and Thursday with a short summary of our adventures. The “full” trip report will come after we return.

This trip, I’m hosting a very special VIP (Very Important Pez) – The Jolie. There’ll be a separate report about that for the Jolie Pez Project.


We arrived about 5 PM after a 4 1/2 hour non-stop Southwest flight from Florida.  Since our Orleans deal wasn’t available Saturdays, we’re using hotel points to stay the night for free at a Comfort Inn across from the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino.

What better way to begin a Vegas vacation, and recover from a long flight, than with a steak dinner?  So we walked over to the Hard Rock’s Mr. Lucky’s Cafe for their unadvertised $7.77 “Gambler’s Special”: salad, sirloin steak and three shrimp with your choice of potato. Since I’m a hard Rock All-Access Pass member, there’s no waiting in line for me. Just pull out the card and it’s straight to the front of any line!

This won’t be our last steak dinner deal during the trip.  We’ll also be visiting Ellis Island, which has an $8 special which is a better steak and has a microbrewery where I can get a fresh brewed root beer to accompany that steak.  There’s also some prime rib and steak dinner specials downtown (Fremont), which we almost always visit on our last evening.

Since we’re staying at Orleans, I plan on taking advantage of their cafe’s midnight specials after a long day on the Strip.  My favorite is a 7-ounce steak and two eggs with hash browns and toast for under $5. And yes, I plan on losing weight during this trip!

After dinner, we killed some time in the gift shop, but I’ve got way too many HR (and other) Vegas T-shirts and other paraphernalia.  But if the price is right….always room for one more!


After visiting with a Manila high school friend for a few hours, we checked out Caesar’s Forum Shops. Although we have way too much Vegas logo apparel, we began the slide down the slippery slope by buying two Caesar’s T-shirts at prices we could not refuse. Mine was a World Series of Poker shirt. The WSOP begins soon.


I played my first poker tournament. I went out in 5th after taking two bad beats when I raised with Kings pre-flop, got one call and the Ace popped out. Both callers had an Ace. I hung on the first time since I had a straight draw but folded after the flop the second time. Susie won $20 on the quarter slots.

We picked up tickets for Yuesday nith to Cirque’s ViVa Elvis. Not half off but 30 percent . We bought two more t-shirts each. Dinner was Filipino – pancit, lechon and rice.


Since Tuesdays are “senior day” at Orleans, we planned to spend most of the day taking advantage of the deals.  We spent an hour playing (and losing) our $15 slot credit.  Since seniors have a Buy One Get One Free” on the buffet, we checked out the lunch buffet and used our $15 food credit for that. For $9, it’s an adequate buffet, and includes roast beef and shrimp.  I was impressed by the extensive dessert offerings, including a dozeb types of gelato.  I had the coconut gelato…twice.

We planned a two hour nap to sleep off the buffet before catching a $4 movie at their 18-screen theater and then using the ticket stubs for  afree game of bowling at their bowling alley. The nap went fours hours and we missed the movie.

We headed to the Strip and caught Big Elvis at Bill’s as a “warmup” for Circque’s “Viva Elvis” at Aria.  It was a blend of dancing and Circque’s acrobatics. I liked some and did not like some. As always with Cirque, the costumes and sets wer visually magnificent.


We caught two shows today. In the afternoon, it was Piano!  Ryan Ahern won the International Liberace Competition when he was 16 and treated us to over an hour of boogie woogie, rock, and film tunes. I bought a CD of his featuring most of what he played during the show.

That evening, it was Human Nature.  It was recomended to us and you can understand my skepticism at hearing four white Aussies sing Montown. But Smoky Robinson was “presenting” them and …wow na wow! These white boys can sing! A great show!


4 responses to “What Happens in Vegas…

  1. It’s crazy the deals you manage to find while traveling! (Well, not really crazy. I know they’ve been well-earned.) I’ll be curious to find out if you actually manage to LOSE weight with all these good deals you’ve got going on!

  2. Please don’t let The Jolie talk you in to anything. She does not think things through to their logical conclusions.

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