A Unique Easter Tradition

Easter is celebrated in many ways in many countries. Sunrise masses are a common practice.

Perhaps the most unusual practice is the one performed in certain parts of the Philippines. Rather than simply listen to a sermon about Christ’s suffering, these “penitents” seek to join Jesus in the suffering he endured over 2,000 years ago.

Here is a video of what the penitents endure, usually each year. If you make it to the end, you’ll see that often these folks are doing it to help someone else.


2 responses to “A Unique Easter Tradition

  1. I’d heard of this but had never seen it. I couldn’t bring myself to watch it last week and sorta wish I hadn’t this week. It’s just…insane.

  2. I watched all the way through… and it was very difficult to watch. I can’t imagine going that far. And hearing the one man say, “every time I do this, he gets better…” He’s done it more than once !?! It’s very difficult to process.

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