Praise the Pinoys and Pass the Balut

Bored with a “plain white bread” life? Looking for something with pizazz?  Why not pass yourself off as a Pinoy (Filipino)?

So what if your complexion is that of a piece of chalk? I know some folks like that who I consider Pinoy…culturally.  Because if you talk Pinoy, behave Pinoy, then….quack! quack!

So how do you learn to pass as Pinoy?  Lucky for you, generosity is in Pinoy DNA. (If I had just one bite of balut left, it’s yours!)  That’s why it’s no surprise that some Pinoys have created Youtube videos to help you discover your inner Pinoy.

Let’s begin with learning the proper Pinoy accent:

Then, your first Tagalog lesson.  (Since I’m “old school”, I do in fact say “huy!” and “pare” despite what that young Filipina suggests.)

Food is a very important aspect of Pinoy culture:

Pinoys are great singers:

And great comedians:

Huy…pass the balut, pare! Pinoy na ikaw!


2 responses to “Praise the Pinoys and Pass the Balut

  1. I think it might take some practice, but I think I can do it! Those swear words sound pretty fun 😉

  2. I believe we have had this balut discussion before 🙂 If I ever change my mind about eating one (which, btw, if that happens, go ahead and have me committed) at least I know how to eat it: with a fork and a spoon! Actually, I found a video of Anthony Bourdain eating one in Vietnam, and he only used a spoon 🙂 I’m not sure which was worse, the lower left-most picture in your balut link, where the little duckling head is flopping out, or finding out in the Bourdain video that you soft-boil them first. I’m pretty sure that I’m not going to eat anything for a week, or however long it takes to get those pictures out of my head.
    When I lived in Iowa, a Vietnamese family lived two doors down from me and they kept ducks in a pen in the back yard. One year near Christmastime, I heard a great commotion and went outside to check, and they were slaughtering the ducks. Blood and feathers were everywhere and the surviving ducks were screeching in fear. I had assumed they were keeping the ducks as pets or for the eggs. The egg part is probably true, but I’m glad I didn’t know about balut then!

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