Revenge of the Lychee…

… and other infobits irrelevant to the trajectory of world history but infinitesimally much more interesting. Or not.

Long time readers may recall that for a period of time last year the top search term bringing folks to this blog was “lychee.”  That fruit was mentioned in a post about Filipino cuisine. At the time, I had no idea that lychee had become a huge food fad.  As with all fads, I saw the decline in folks looking for lychee in all the wrong places. But this week, lychee is baaaaack! Through Friday, it accounted for 386 visits, with 61 on Friday. (The post that first mentioned lychee recorded 203 views as of Thursday evening.)

In a more recent post, I welcomed the arrival of red light cameras where I live.  The results have been spectacularly impressive: from about 400 red lights run at a single intersection in 16 hours to a combined average of just 34 a day at the six busiest intersections in the city. I hope red light cameras come to all major intersections.

Here’s an insight into political “logic”… Way back in the days of B.O. (Before Obama), when “single payer” univeral health care was being pushed by the Demagogues, the Retardicans embraced a “private sector” alternative: the individual mandate.  But when health insurance reform passed with the individual mandate instead of single payer, the Retardicans now claim it is unconstitutional. Two lower courts say it isn’t and two say it is, so nine judges get to make the final call. If the Supremes say it is unconstitutional what do you think will happen the next time (and there will be a next time) the Demagogues control Congress and the Presidency? We will see the single payer version of universal health care . The Retardicans better be careful what they wish for in a Supreme Court ruling… It may very well be a Pyrrhic victory.

Speaking of the Supreme Court, and speaking of speaking, anyone want to put odds on the probability that this is the year Clarence Thomas will, in court, ask a question, make a point or otherwise prove he is not mute for the first time in five years?

Speaking of government, I sure hope the federales don’t shut down because the government’s most important annual task is at hand: printing my tax refund check.

Did you Google “Pyrrhic victory”? back there? That is an authentic military history reference. Now, Google “General Tso.”  The Chinese chicken dish bearing his name is probably fraudulent since the dish is unknown in China. Isn’t this some sort of “truth in advertising” violation?

Speaking of advertising, next time you’re driving by an apartment complex, look to see if there’s a sign proclaiming their property to be “deluxe” and/or “luxury.” In Florida at least, there is no legal definition of those terms for advertising.  A flea-infested hellhole with a rotting roof  and stinking of Chinese drywall can proclaim itself to be  “deluxe luxury apartments.” Same for your local restaurant  boasting of it’s “world famous” and “best” turtle toe meatloaf.

Did you see the poll where 52% of folks say they don’t want their kids to be President? I don’t want to be President either. I’d consider “Most Exalted High Potentate of the Universal Poker Continuum. But I’d settle for winning a couple of bucks in the “by invitation only” $1,000 prize pool Freeroll online poker tournament I’ve been invited to play in  this evening. (I may not swim with the Vegas whales, but I’m definitely part of the cyberworld’s poker minnows.)

Speaking of poker, we’ll be taking our annual Vegas trip pilgrimage in May.   This year, we’ll be strolling the Strip with a very special guest: Angelina Jolie! That’s right… I’m joining the Jolie Pez Project. You’ll be able to read about (and see) our adventures sometime in May.

I’m ready for Mardi Gras! Next Saturday, at Panama City Beach’s Pier Park. And since next Friday just happens to be our anniversary (16 or 26, depending on how you count it), I’m going all out: we’re staying at the La Quinta in PCB which charges $145 a night. (Relax..I didn’t say I’m paying that; I’m using hotel points so it’s free.)

Beads, booze, and beach!


2 responses to “Revenge of the Lychee…

  1. This is one of those six (or more) degrees of separation things. From lychee to Mardi Gras! And the scary part is, it all made perfect sense to me 🙂

  2. > it all made perfect sense to me

    It did? Hmmm… And I wasn’t even drinking any of my premium espresso!

    There was no “intentional” progression because it was somewhat “stream of consciousness” writing, but looking at it now my “logic” seems to have been: from Lychee numbers to red light camera numbers to Supreme Court numbers to tax refund (number) followed by a leap to two military references followed by a digression to descriptive terms then back to numbers and then on to Vegas since I mentioned poker and finally back to numbers (anniversary).

    If my analysis is right, it is somewhat interesting how numbers seem to be in my mind a lot. Or, maybe since I think about numbers a lot, I “look for” them when trying to explain something when the explanation is not readily apparent.

    Oh, we saw “Hello Dolly” at Quincy Music Theatre last night. Wonderful, but I’ve not seen film of stage versions before so I’ve no comparison. The audience gave a standing ovation to Dolly and Horace, which is not something I’ve seen in other QMT productions.

    Amazing to me that Tallahicky has some great talent in the schools. Dolly was played by a fairly young and striking redhead from Lousisiana who is choral conductor at Godby High and has BA in Vocal Performance (never heard of that degree) and MA in Choral Conducting (or that either). Horace was played by another local high school teacher with 14 years teaching music / theatre. The major “second” rung characters were FSU Music or Theatre major students. If you like musicals, we’ll see if you want to join us next time we go. QMT has about 4 productions a year but we only see one or maybe two each season. The final production is Wizard of Oz in April. Not sure we’ll see that one as Oz doesn’t appeal to me.

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