2010 By The Numbers

While completing my tax forms, it occurred to me that numbers could present significant information about the non-financial aspects of my life.  And those numbers were readily available.

At work, I use an Audubon (sometimes Sierra Club) weekly calendar book to record all meetings, business trips, days off, etc.  I have every calendar since 1994 in a desk drawer.

The three credit cards I use most have annual summaries which organize all charges by categories: hotels, restaurants, etc.  I also keep all monthly bills for a year. (This behavior is called “organization” not “anal” or “OC”…  😉 )

So, it was fairly easy to compile 2010’s non-financial “vital statistics”….

Business trips:                    23
Days called in “sick”:             0
Available sick leave hours:    1,672
Vacation hours available;        95 (after payment for 240 hours at retirement)
Vacation hours used               94 (175 used in 2009)

Meals Charged to Credit Card    101
Hotel Stays                                19 (stay = 1 night or more)
Free Southwest Tickets Earned     1
Preferred Status Earned                1 (Gold with Choice Hotels)
Preferred Status Retained              1 (Avis Select Preferred)
La Quinta Points Balance           40,467
Hilton Honors Points Balance      72,416
Choice Hotels Points Balance     31,422

Checks Written            66
Rental Cars                 16
Cash poker tournies played    79 (200 in 2009)

And oh yes, I’m getting over $1,300 back as a tax refund. I really need to stop giving the gooberment so much interest-free money.


4 responses to “2010 By The Numbers

  1. Very funny! I’d say it’s time for a two-week vacation somewhere you can fly on Southwest, stay at a Hilton, and use that third credit card you don’t have preferred status on yet!
    As for giving your money to the government, I had this system going (note past tense) where the amount of my refund each year was almost exactly equivalent to the amount of the property tax on my house. But this year, I forgot that withholding went down, so when I did my taxes, my refund is only slightly over half what I owe in taxes. Yikes! My system has failed!

    • > time for a two-week vacation

      We’re headed to Vegas at the end of April. But staying at The Orleans (Susie’s favorite and my second favorite) for about $40 / nightly. Will use some of those hotel points for the first night in Vegas since Saturdays are always higher due to the “drive-in” crowd from LA.

      May use some more points for a long March weekend in Orlando for our anniversary. Free hotel will offset the outrageous prices they want at Universal – $74 each… and that’s the Florida resident rate. But we’ve never been to the Universal Mardi Gras. Lynard Skynard’s performing the night we’re looking at, but I’d prefer either Franki Valli and 4 Seasons or B-52’s which are the end of this month. Concert is “no extra charge.”

  2. I really wish I were as anal… I mean… ORGANIZED as you!

    Yes, I may tease you, but really I’m jealous of your ability to stay so organized. I have the best of intentions, but have a habit of failing to maintain!

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