I’m Dreaming of a Warm Winter

A blogger I link to (Blurts) recently wrote about what can happen when folks dream of a white Christmas:  the dream becomes a nightmare when they receive more white than they ever dreamed of.  Be careful what you wish for….!

I’ve never dreamed of a white Christmas.  And why would I?  I grew up in a tropical country. For me, “cold” was when the temperature dropped below about 65.  I never wanted to experience snow.

Which is why I chose a college in Florida. And stayed here.

Those who dreamed of a white Christmas got more than wished for. I’m dreaming of a warm (or at least warmer) winter.

Unfortunately, this winter hasn’t been very warm so far.  North Florida experienced two three-day spells of temperatures in the 20s before winter even technically arrived.  One of those days set a new record low for the day, here and in other Florida cities.

Last week, it was five straight days of lows in the 20s.  Now I can hear those readers living in the great white north smirking that 20s is very nice weather for them.  But “cold” is a relative term, just like “hot.”  When northerners are complaining about the high 80’s being “hot”, we Floridians laugh because “hot” is when the temperature is in the high 90s (with 90 percent humidity).

Just how cold it’s been lately is reflected in my electric bill.  In 2010, for the period ending early January: we used 757 kilowatt hours.  For the same period ending January 2011, we used 946 kilowatt hours.  And we don’t keep the thermostat too high: 68 in the day and off completely when we go to sleep unless the low will be below 40. So that heat pump’s been running quite at bit at night!

Saturday morning, it was about 35 at 10 AM.  Sunday morning’s low was forecast to be in the mid 20s  But there’s a warming trend and the highs for the rest of the week will be in the low 60s.  So at least one week of relief….

If you wanted a white Christmas, I think you got it. Me? Give me white sand! Yes, I’m dreaming of Kokomo….


2 responses to “I’m Dreaming of a Warm Winter

  1. Those folks laugh when we get cold, but you don’t see us calling out the National Guard when it hits 90 do you? Would it kill them buy a fan?

  2. I’m cold when it’s in the 20s here in MN. And I’m downright miserable when we dip below zero. I think I was meant to live in warmer climates, but fate and family put me here and now I’m stuck. Maybe when I retire, I’ll find myself a warmer climate.

    I always feel bad when the southern states experience extreme cold and/or snow. Up north, we expect it, and we are prepared for it. Down south, I know they are not always equipped to deal with snow, ice or freezing temps.

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