OK, So I’m a Fruitcake…

…lover.  Which I know puts me in a very small group.

Why fruitcake is so maligned is a mystery to me.  Perhaps too many folks’ first encounter with the delectable mix of fruit and nuts held together by some flour was with a cheap fruitcake from a  drugstore. I’ve seen those nasty looking faux fruitcakes. No way I’d eat one of them. They’re probably made with powdered Chinese drywall….

Not that I’m a “gourmet” fruitcake elitist either.  No way I’m paying $30 for a two pounder from Trappist monks or Harry & David.  (Maybe after Christmas if they’re on sale for $10….)

My favorite, and almost exclusive, fruitcake is Claxton’s, which is just up the road in Georgia. I prefer the dark recipe. I’ll live with the “light” one if I have to. But normally I don’t have to.

Of course, Christmas is prime fruitcake season.  And each year, I lay in a supply for the winter.  Fortunately, a few years ago I found a source for dark Claxton fruitcake at a good price.

I’ve just received this year’s supply: 10 pounds.  Since Susie and I can easily go through a pound a week, that might last ten weeks.  If I’m lucky I can stockpile more Claxton’s after Christmas if it goes on sale for half price.

Y’all can dream of sugarplums or chestnuts; I dream of dark fruitcake.


5 responses to “OK, So I’m a Fruitcake…

  1. I don’t know if I can honestly say I’ve ever tried it! No one I know buys or eats it, and it’s got such a bad reputation, I’ve never been inclined to give it a shot.

  2. There is a vast array of fruitcake available. The cheap stuff is awful but the good stuff is really a treat. I am a fan of fruitcake and was going to make a dandy for the holidays but I have given up all sweets until I can manage my weight better.

  3. > I am a fan of fruitcake
    So we are in a relatively small club!

    > I have given up all sweets
    What? It’s the season for indulgence! Give sweets up after New Year’s!

  4. I agree, it really is good stuff if you get good home made or quality commercial stuff. I kind of miss my mom making it, she had it down but doesnt do it any more

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